How Private Investigators Work

Having been fed on a diet of silver screen PI’s, who slouch around in long coats and hats pulled down over their face, you may be wondering how private investigators work in the real world.

The real-world private investigator in South Africa is nothing like those depicted in the movies. 

They are highly trained professionals, who work from a background that includes a very necessary knowledge of law, which assures their clients that evidence gathered is done so in an ethical manner.

Jacques Botha, registered private investigator and owner of King Investigators, is one of a small percentage of bona fide private investigators who are registered with the PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

Any private investigator operating without being registered with this authority is operating illegally, which could land the client that hired him in trouble with the law, either by having to pay a fine or spend time in jail.

This is the first step in how private investigators work in South Africa, and the most important information the general public should know, before hiring a private investigator.

How private investigators work

Fundamentally, a private investigator is always on the hunt for information, digging up information and facts, using his analytical skill to scan through phenomenal amounts of information, whether financial, personal or legal.

King Investigators handle both civil and criminal cases, which means that Jacques and his team are able to cross over from investigating a criminal case, to tracing someone who has skipped out on a civil case, for instance.

Carrying out in-depth employee background checks, lie-detector tests and tracing missing people, are also part of the multi-tasking world of how private investigators work.

Typical types of investigations carried out by King Investigators

  • Employee theft

Before any company can make a case against an employee they suspect of theft, they have to have proof, which is when they hire a private investigator. Whether the employee is stealing money, committing fraud, theft of company property and more, a PI can assist in gathering the evidence necessary to take legal steps.

  • Surveillance

King Investigators are undercover surveillance specialists, with the experience of well over a decade out in the field. This team knows how to remain undetected, which protects the client and the private investigator.

They use various surveillance tools and skills, along with state of the art technology to provide clients with guaranteed results at the end of any investigation.

  • Cheating Spouse Investigations

Known as the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, King Investigators has successfully undertaken thousands of cheating spouse investigations in South Africa.

Aside from the fact that this team will leave no stone unturned in getting to the truth, they also have the empathy any client will need when going through something as difficult as dealing with a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Who do private investigators work for?

In general, private investigators work for individuals, businesses, insurance companies, attorneys, and when called on to do so, they also work with the SAPS to provide further evidence that may be required to bring a criminal to justice.

How many hours a day do private investigators work?

This is a very hard question to answer! Depending on the case, a private investigator could work day and night for as long as is necessary, unless he has another private investigator on the case to relieve him.

There is no such thing as a nine-to-five day for a private investigator. When the client calls, the investigator has to get going!

Want to know more about how private investigators work?

We’ve only touched the surface when it comes to how private investigators work here. There is so much more involved in this very challenging career, however, as Jacques says, “no case is off-limits” for him and his talented team.

If you’d like to find out more about how private investigators work, or you have a case you’d like to discuss, call King Investigators for a free confidential consultation today.

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