Why hire a private investigator in a divorce or custody case?

Having a trusted, empathetic investigator on your side can mean the difference between success and failure in divorce and custody cases.  Not every case of infidelity causes irreparable damage, depending on the marital history, but, when it comes to divorce and child custody, it’s worth having a reputable team like King Investigators gather facts that will be admissible in court.

For people with children, hiring a private investigator may be a necessity in some cases when there are concerns about a spouse’s behaviour towards the children, whether there is the possibility of abuse or neglect and whether the spouse being investigated is a drug addict or alcoholic living in conditions that would cause harm to children.

Infidelity, divorce and custody battles are situations in which emotions run high and it is the role of King Investigators to keep the focus on the important aspects of the investigation without becoming emotionally involved.

No party involved in a divorce has the resources a private investigator has to find out whether you spouse is hiding property or finances, or determining the truth about assets – you may know about all the bank accounts that are attached to your name, but an investigator can find out whether your spouse has hidden money in any other accounts.

King Investigators are able to find hidden assets because of their access to records and databases that the general public cannot access, and, if there is proof of anything that is being hidden, and you can trust that the evidence gathered by King Investigators will stand up in a court of law.

This elite team of investigators has more than 20 years worth of experience as private investigators and are well versed in terms of the tactics required to carry out any professional investigation without compromising the evidence through misrepresentation, trespassing or invasion of privacy.

This experience and professionalism has earned King Investigators a reputation for thoroughness, reliability, transparency and an exceptional respect for the privacy of every individual or corporation they have provided their services to.

It’s tough dealing with infidelity, divorce and custody issues, and there is no DIY kit for providing incontrovertible proof that will stand up in a court of law, it is something better left to professionals who will handle the situation with empathy and confidentiality.

Contact King Investigators to find out more about how these expert investigators can assist you with complete discretion you can trust implicitly in challenging situations.

Only expert mobile phone investigative techniques can keep up with rapid technological advances.

These days pretty much everyone has a hand held mobile device, whether it is a smart phone, PDA or laptop, if it’s portable, it carries information and data that is personal and specific to one user.  Because smart phones are such a personal digital device and is seldom shared, it offers forensic investigators an excellent source of evidence, especially when it is difficult to place a suspect behind a computer.

Mobile phones offer up evidence of text messaging, emails, phone calls and also contain a history of internet searches, along with the habits of the individual posting to and trolling social media sites, which makes them a highly valuable source of information in any investigation.

If you have watched a couple of episodes of CSI or other detective series, you will know that mobile phones are often the only digital footprint that can trace an individual’s movements and even lead to insight into motives.

Because of the rapid advances in mobile technology, mobile phone forensic investigators such as King Investigators in Johannesburg, remain constantly updated about tools available to connect a device and retrieve raw image files by pressing a few buttons, or getting into the device’s internal memory before boot-up.

There is evidence that could be missed if a mobile phone forensic investigator relies solely on these tools however, and it is in areas like this that the forensic investigators at King Investigators go beyond the limits of tools in order to present responsible and accurate reports.

King Investigators are forensic investigators who remain current on the latest in software and hardware designed for mobile forensic analysis, which allows them to carry out mobile phone analysis and ‘image’ the handset to search for and obtain a full range of information.

This information includes current and deleted content and covers the entire spectrum of applications, from call log information, SMS’s, emails, documents, photo’s and video’s, and as with any investigation carried out by the team of highly trained and experienced forensic investigators at King Investigators, it is done with integrity and in absolute confidence.

Although mobile phone forensic investigation is only part of any ongoing investigation, you can place full confidence in the team at King Investigators to deliver the results of their investigation to you with accuracy and honesty!

It takes a true professional to turn surveillance into an art form.

Surveillance is an art form and can only be carried out successfully by an experienced and licensed private investigator, and while there are many reasons for surveillance to be undertaken, the basic principles remain the same.

A professional investigator knows exactly where to be in a position to monitor activities in such a way that should the target of the investigation leave the area, the investigator will be in a position to continue the surveillance.

There are many factors an investigator has to take into account where it comes to the surveillance technique that will be put into effect, such as whether neighbours will notice the surveillance, whether there are any obvious routes to and from a home or office, as well as how close the investigator can get to the subject without being noticed.

In some cases, more than one investigator will be necessary, especially where the target of the investigation is using the public transport system or is picked up and dropped off at different locations.  King Investigators are able to determine very quickly whether or not another investigator is necessary in order to maintain surveillance, but with over twenty years worth of experience in the industry, King Investigators will only advise this if it would compromise the investigation not to do so.

When King Investigators is called in to investigate a cheating spouse or partner, they will work with you in order to determine the most suitable schedule for the surveillance as this information will be essential to gathering evidence of infidelity that cannot be denied in any court of law.

Covert videotaping is used when your spouse is out in any public location, but private investigators at King Investigators will also make sure that all privacy laws are observed; intrusion of privacy can nullify the evidence gathered.

As a rule of thumb, if you have hired a private investigator to carry out surveillance on a cheating spouse, it is important that you do not in any way expose the investigator by being in the vicinity as this could endanger both you and the investigator; no matter how hard it is, let the professional handle the surveillance without interference.

Surveillance and undercover operations are by no means the beginning and end of the investigative services offered by King Investigators, but, if you want to ensure that any surveillance is carried out with thorough professionalism, then this is the team to approach, without a doubt!

Do private investigators work with the police?

Most of us have been conditioned by the movies and detective series we watch to believe that private investigators are always trying to play their cards close to the chest when it comes to sharing evidence of any crime with the police, and that they break the law with impunity.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  Private investigators often share information and work alongside the police in criminal investigations, which cover everything from fraud to murder.  The police have very strict rules they have to abide by in every move they make while investigating a crime, however, a private investigator is not bound by these rigid restrictions and can use the leeway they have to assist the police.

This does not mean that private investigators have carte blanche to break the laws that apply to the police force, they also do have a code to adhere to in their industry, and they are by no means above the law.

As you will find with King Investigators, for any evidence to stand up in court, or to provide the police with enough evidence to bring about an arrest, an investigator has to be well versed in tactics used during surveillance and the regulatory compliance expected in the investigations industry.

King Investigators is a thoroughly professional organisation with over twenty years worth of experience in surveillance under the belt; they are highly trained in their craft and strictly adhere to the regulations that govern just how far they are allowed to go to gather information without compromising the evidence.

Evidence gathered by a private investigator has to be as solid as it does for the police, if it is illegally obtained; it is worth nothing, which is why it is essential for any business or private individual wanting to hire a private investigator to do a thorough background check, which includes ensuring that they are registered, before taking the first step.

In an industry that has unfortunately been plagued by a few too many ‘shady’ operators, King Investigators offers you confidentiality, experience and a commitment to exceptionally high standards across a comprehensive range of investigative services, which is why they stand head above shoulders of the rest!

Can A Private Investigator Help You Locate Your Biological Parents?

Adoption can raise many questions that may leave children placed through adoption interested in their birth parents. Wanting answers to questions can spark a desire for trying to find their birth family. However, it isn’t always as straightforward as it might appear.

It also depends on the adoption agreement; sometimes the birth parents might want to remain anonymous. Therefore, the company is not able to disclose details about the birth parents. In certain situations, the company might not have the data that’s requested. If someone who had been placed for adoption wishes to continue their search, they have to find alternative avenues.

There are multiple reasons for people wanting to find their birth parents and hiring a private investigator might just be the solution.

How Can a Private Investigator Help?

Locating birth parents takes time and advanced investigation skills, something many people don’t have. By hiring a professional, you will be able to focus on your everyday life. An experienced private investigator knows exactly where to look and what to do to find people they’re looking for.

Investigators also have access to advanced software and databases that are not accessible by just searching online. While your research might be restricted to search engines like google and social networking sites, a private investigator can perform a more thorough search to locate those who might not have an online presence.

If you’re thinking about using a private investigator to find your birth parents or the birth parents of an adoptive child,  you will need to prepare yourself for the possible outcomes. Although an investigator has bigger access to databases than the average individual, there is still the chance that you might not get a positive result. When the adoption is closed, and the records are sealed, they might be not able to present the needed information to get a search going.

Even if their search is effective, they might not be able to provide you with the information they find without the consent of the birth parents. If the birth parents don’t want to be located, they might refuse the exchange in information. If they’re prepared to exchange contact details, you need to prepare yourself before meeting them, as they might not be the people you have imagined them to be.

As laws and regulations change regarding closed adoptions, it’s getting increasingly easier to find birth parents. Even though it’s certainly possible that your search won’t be successful, there’s a surprising number of sources and databases open to private investigators. Just like any investigation, success isn’t guaranteed, but there’s a more than enough reason for hope.

4 Steps You Should Take To Stop Harassment

Harassment has fast become a widespread issue as modern forms of interaction spread. An important thing to remember is that it’s NEVER your fault. You are the victim in this situation, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t actions you can take in order to protect yourself against harassment.

To offer yourself the very best opportunity of getting the unwanted texts to stop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Document and compile the texts

For someone to investigate the harassment, you’re going to have to keep a record of the text messages. Each time the individual that’s harassing you sends you a message, ensure that you take a screenshot of it. Equally as important are your replies telling the person to stop harassing you.

After you’ve taken your screenshots, reach out to your cell phone carrier or sign in to your online account, and get your text message data. They keep time-stamped records of how many texts are sent and received by any number.

Step 2: Organize the texts

After you have compiled your screenshots and text information from your service provider, you’ll want to get them arranged in a format which will make it easy for a detective to understand.You don’t want your evidence to get misplaced in a pile on a detective’s desk. Make sure your contact details are noticeably displayed, and create a duplicate for yourself.

Step 3: Report it to law enforcement

Start by going to your local police station. Once you arrive at the police station, ask to speak to a detective, not an officer. Detectives are able to investigate specific cases, while officers respond to suspicious activity. If you aren’t able to talk to a detective, make sure you get their business card and give them a call later on. Concentrate on what’s vital for them to know, and try not to be emotional.

Remember that as a parent you can report harassing text messages on behalf of your child.

Step 4: Hire a private investigator

If the local police department can’t help you, get the help of a private investigator. Handling online (and offline) harassers is a frequent request for private investigators. The most important thing a private investigator does to stop harassment is to help identify the criminal, and pass that information on to the police force if they haven’t been able to find the perpetrator on their own. This is an essential part of getting and enforcing court orders to end the harassment.

Whether or not you choose to use a private investigator, remember that there is always something you can do about harassment.

4 Steps To Locating A Missing Family Member

Whether as a result of time, distance, or just growing apart, all families have long lost relatives and many aspire to reunite with them. Thankfully, the internet offers limitless possibilities to locate missing loved ones online, to get in touch with them.

Follow these four steps to start looking for your long lost relative:

Write down a list of all the Information and facts You Have on Your Missing Family member

Add details such as where they went to high school, past home addresses and phone numbers, cars they might have owned, and more. If you get stuck down the road, this sort of info could possibly help supplement your search.

Use Primary Search Engines

Search engines are an effective way to obtain the information you’re hunting for instantly. Needless to say, Google is the leading internet search engine. Regardless of its prominence, you should broaden your search beyond Google by using various search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.

Meta search engines are a very effective way to search several search engines simultaneously. Some examples of meta search engines that are best for locating people are Dogpile, Moster Crawler, and WebCrawler.

Search on Social Media

Social networking sites are an excellent starting point when trying to find someone online, especially close relatives that you’ve lost touch with.

Your best option is to begin with Facebook. Facebook currently has 1.2 billion users worldwide, which makes it the largest and most in depth search engine by far. It’s possible to look for individuals using names, locations, and also a group, such as the graduating class of your relative’s high school for instance.

LinkedIn is yet another great place to search for people, especially if you happen to know specifics of your missing family member’s history of employment, or where they might presently be living. Right now, the free version of LinkedIn has restricted search results but you can get a free trial version of the premium membership that will let you see the complete results, and access more robust search functions.

Hire a Private Investigator

If all else fails, you can supply a private investigator with every piece of information you have, and they can perform the complete search for you. They’re tremendously skilled at revealing information and can get it done swiftly and successfully. Private detectives also have the means to access information that you won’t have the ability to access as a civilian. We’ve located people using anything from vehicle registration tags to old fashioned charm.

If you believe you need some additional assistance with your search, get in contact with King Investigators today.

4 Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating On You

Nobody wants to be with a cheating spouse, but the hard truth is that cheaters will cheat, and with the progress of social networking and the existence of online dating sites and apps, they have more opportunity than in the past. Below, you’ll find four different types of suspicious behavior to keep in mind. While it’s not a fact that your partner is a cheater since they won’t share phone or email passwords, these actions most likely need a valid explanation.

Unexpected Lack of Interest

If your partner all of a sudden lose interest in you – physically or emotionally – it could be that they are looking for fulfillment somewhere else. A total disinterest in intimacy or affection, especially with no explanation, could be a warning sign. If your partner stops being attentive to you or even coldly ignores you, it may be an indication of deeper problems.

Changes in Physical Appearance

You’ve possibly heard this one before, but if your spouse starts dressing up for weekly “meetings,” get a makeover and spend each night at the gym, there may be another person involved.That’s not to imply that a sudden desire for exercise or a surge of social functions is suggestive of infidelity, but if she refuses to explain on several occasions, it might be a reason to be concerned.

Newfound or Increased Possessive Behaviors

It’s true that relationships need to have a firm foundation of trust, however, if both of you are happy with the periodic harmless spying and openly reveal passwords, you would likely be less than delighted if your partner’s Facebook password all of a sudden didn’t work. There could be an innocent explanation, but if you’ve been locked out of all social sites and email accounts, and he refuses to provide you with current passwords, it’s worth looking at what he/she doesn’t want you to view. The basic, unfortunate truth is that the internet has made it incredibly easy for cheaters to find what they’re searching for.

Claims of Cheating Toward You

So you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, and then suddenly you are wrongly accused of having an affair. Sadly, this behavior is fairly common with cheaters. Most of the time, they feel a sense of guilt and refocus their shame on you as a coping mechanism. Probe into the allegation, and if they have absolutely nothing to back up their accusation, think about why they might accuse you of unfaithfulness, to begin with.

Even if your spouse displays all of these behaviors, it doesn’t necessarily suggest adulterous conduct. However, these actions are often related to an increased probability of cheating. The ideal strategy is to bring up the subject immediately – if you’ve been accused of infidelity, ask why they would believe that. If you’re being disregarded by your spouse, take a moment and discuss how your needs are not being fulfilled. But don’t ignore your gut. If it is indicating that there’s more to the story, that’s most likely the situation.