Why Are Private Investigators So Expensive?

Private investigators can be very expensive, especially if they have no respect for your budget and are happy to pad expense accounts to the hilt, for imaginary expenses of course.

If you’ve never hired a private investigator, or, you’ve hired the wrong one, it’s fair for you to ask the question; why are private investigators so expensive?

If you take into account all the equipment a private investigator invests in to use on your case, and we’re talking about state of the art technology here, added to video and camera equipment, liability insurance, registration fees, travel and accommodation costs, it costs a pretty penny to set up a professional investigative firm, and to run an investigation.

However, this doesn’t justify the general public being taken for a ride financially when it comes to private investigator rates, and, if that’s happening or has happened to you, it’s because you haven’t hired King Investigators!

Why are private investigators so expensive?

Depending on what your case will involve, there are investigations that won’t be cheap, but the end results, depending on what you expect to get out of high-value evidence, could be well worth the investment.

When you deal with a firm like King Investigators, you’re dealing with professionals that have been in the field for well over a decade, honing their skills under the experienced guidance of owner Jacques Botha.

Considering the level of experience, training, background, company stability and skills brought to bear by these registered private investigators, you can be forgiven for thinking they’d be too expensive.

In fact, asking why private investigators are so expensive is a bit unfair, especially if you haven’t dealt with a team of consummate professionals like those at King Investigators.

What impacts private investigator rates?

If all you want to do is have a straightforward in-depth background check into a potential employee or perhaps a new romantic interest, it’s obviously not going to involve undercover surveillance and other tactics that would apply to another type of investigation, making it relatively inexpensive.

Ultimately, what will influence the cost of your investigation will depend on just how much your case will require, whether in man-hours, undercover surveillance, data analysis or in the case of high-risk investigations.

What makes PI rates different at King Investigators?

Well, for Jacques and his team, it’s very much about integrity and honesty right off the bat, no matter what the case. With so much experience on their side, this team is able to think outside the box in order to tailor investigations to meet the budgets of clients, and still deliver high-quality results!

In addition to this foundation of integrity, the team at King Investigators uses the very same expensive state-of-the-art technology to benefit their clients, cutting down on man-hours in many cases, to save time and money for their clients.

This is just a part of what makes private investigator rates worthwhile with Jacques and his team, for individuals, corporations, insurance companies and international clients.

Speak to Jacques today about how King Investigators can assist you with your case in the most cost-effective way possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the down-to-earth honesty you’ll come face to face with, once you’ve had a confidential chat with Jacques and his team about your case.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for incontrovertible evidence gathered legally, you need only share your budget and needs with King Investigators, to change the way you look at private investigator rates forever!

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