Are Private Investigators Expensive?

The first thing that’s going to cross your mind while you’re wondering about hiring a private investigator is definitely going to be; are private investigators expensive?

Well, this isn’t an easy question to answer here, since the private investigator rates will largely depend on what your case will involve.

Private investigator rates are not what they may have been in the past, especially when you work with the team from King Investigators, who use state of the art technology to maintain a reputation for lowering costs and offering competitive pricing.

With a team of PSiRA registered private investigators on board at King Investigations, you’ll have the benefit of well over a decade’s worth of experience on your case, experience that creates the opportunity for this team of PI’s to tailor an investigation to meet your budget.

Are Private Investigators Expensive?

King Investigators don’t hesitate to offer clients a guarantee that they’ll be fully satisfied with the results of their investigation, and, they do it in the most cost-effective way possible.

These private investigators are there to help people in very difficult circumstances, driven by a passion to provide that assistance to all who knock on their door looking for the truth.

Your security and confidentiality is of paramount importance to this team of seasoned investigators, which is why King Investigators is considered one of the most successful investigative firms in South Africa today.

Factors that’ll determine the cost of an investigation:

  • Whether or not the investigation will involve undercover surveillance.
  • Whether more than one investigator will be required to carry out surveillance.
  • The type of investigation that’ll be undertaken for you. The costs involved in catching a cheating spouse in the act will be different to those involved in rooting out employee theft, for instance.
  • The duration of the investigation will also be a determining factor in the cost of the investigation.
  • Location of the investigation and how much travel might be involved, especially in instances of undercover surveillance that would see the subject traveling, either in South Africa, across her borders or internationally.

Discuss private investigator rates at your first meeting with King Investigators

Whether you choose to meet with Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators or have a confidential conversation with him via telephone, you’ll find that he and his team are absolutely transparent when it comes to discussing rates.

He’ll take the time to work through what your case may entail, and from there, it could be that he and his team of professionals can offer you hourly rates, a flat rate or tailor the investigation to meet with your budget, depending on your investigation and situation.

During your initial meeting, King Investigators will work with you to plan the investigation to meet your requirements. Depending on the type of investigation, its issues such as accommodation, travel and car rental that could push up costs.

Important to keep in mind is that King Investigators is founded on integrity and honesty, and, as registered professionals, you can be absolutely confident that you will not be ripped off! 

Speak to King Investigators to find out more about their private investigator rates, and how they can tailor an investigation to meet your budget and to deliver quality evidence you can bank on!


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