Is it Legal to Conduct Surveillance?

In a world that consists of a population increasingly under surveillance as a result of CCTV cameras, it’s fair to ask the question; is it legal to conduct surveillance?

There’s nothing stopping private citizens from following someone for whatever reason they may have for doing so, however, this can be a very dangerous route to take, depending on what’s at stake for the person being followed.

Take for instance the case of a spouse who suspects they’re being cheated on. If the spouse is trying to get proof of adultery, he or she will have to be extremely careful about attempting to do so on their own.

Conducting surveillance on a cheating spouse is fraught with the legalities involved in what will constitute concrete proof of adultery, not to mention the possibility that emotions may be so highly charged, that doing so could result in harm to one or the other party.

The only people who are experts at surveillance are trained private investigators, who know how to avoid detection while carrying out surveillance on anyone.

Is it legal to conduct surveillance?

There are laws that govern just how far you can go when it comes to carrying out surveillance on anyone, and if you don’t have the legal knowledge that goes hand in hand with surveillance, you could land yourself in trouble with the law.

Private investigations firms like King Investigators in South Africa won’t break the law in order to carry out surveillance, despite the fact that this team of licensed private investigators are surveillance experts, with many years’ experience in the field.

While private investigators aren’t bound by the same rules that the police force is held to, they still can’t break the law and expect to go unpunished. 

In fact, it is illegal to hire a private investigator that isn’t registered with the PSiRA, which is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, and should you decide to hire a PI, the first question you need to ask him is for his PSiRA registration number!

Hire a professional private investigator to carry out surveillance!

Surveillance, regardless of the reason for it, belongs to professionals such as Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators. Jacques and his team of investigators are registered with the PSiRA, which means you can trust the results of any surveillance conducted by these skilled, experienced surveillance experts.

Surveillance can be undertaken anywhere, except when it comes to trespassing on private property to do so. Private investigators in South Africa can only take videos and photos in public spaces, and they’re also only allowed to eavesdrop on conversations held in public, but not to tap any phones.

As licensed, registered private investigators, the team at King Investigators has carried out thousands of successful undercover surveillance operations over the years, ensuring the safety of the client, as well as maintaining the integrity of any evidence acquired during surveillance.

Whether you need evidence that your spouse is cheating, that you’re dealing with employee theft or any other case that may require surveillance, contact Jacques at King Investigators in Gauteng and Cape Town for a confidential consultation.

In this free consultation, you’ll be able to establish what your next move should be, based on the experienced guidance offered by King Investigators.

If you need the truth in any matter, choose King Investigators for guaranteed results that are based on honesty and integrity, of the quality that will stand up to scrutiny in court, should this be necessary.

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