How Much Do Private Investigators Charge in South Africa?

If you’re in a situation that may require the services of a professional private investigator, your first question may be; how much do private investigators charge in South Africa?

In an economic climate that is in decline worldwide, as well as in South Africa, we face ever-increasing social ills that range from cheating husbands and wives, to an uptake in fraud, theft and violent crime, and with police services that are overloaded, individuals and business owners are looking towards private investigators to help them when the police no longer can.

If you’re in a position that drives you to the point of hiring a private investigator in South Africa, you need to know the difference between registered PI’s and imposters pretending to be private investigators.

There are, as in any industry, those who will say they can get the evidence you need, promising you the moon and stars, and then padding your bill with false expenses just to get your business…and then you can never find them again.

The quality of evidence that comes from these fraudsters is often fabricated or gathered illegally. The result; you end up with evidence that won’t stand up to scrutiny in a court, leaving you empty handed and out of pocket, with no recourse for reparation.

If you want to hire a private investigator you can expect guaranteed results from, then you need to make absolutely sure that he and his firm is registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body that oversees the industry, enforcing the code of conduct expected from PI’s in South Africa.

How much do private investigators charge in South Africa?

You may be thinking that with a firm such as King Investigators, headed by owner and registered private investigator Jacques Botha, you’re looking at paying an arm and a leg for his services, however, this is far from the truth.

Jacques has been a licensed private investigator for almost fifteen years, and with the level of experience, knowledge, skill and training that comes into play when he and his team undertake an investigation on your behalf, they will always find innovative ways to lower costs, and with the use of state of the art technology, to reduce the rates you’d pay.

No case is off-limits for King Investigators. This is a full-service investigative firm that can tackle any and every case with the highest level of professionalism, without having to pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to their private investigator rates.

As far as private investigator rates are concerned, Jacques is completely open and upfront from the outset, planning your investigation to meet with your budget.

Hourly rates

In general, a private investigator will charge you an hourly rate, depending on how many PI’s will be needed on the case, as well as on the type of case they’ll be undertaking on your behalf.

Some investigations can be brought to a conclusion in a relatively short time, while others may take a bit longer, which also needs to be taken into account.

Travel costs

If travel is involved in your case, Jacques will charge you according to mileage traveled or, if air travel is required, the cost of that travel will also be added to the overall cost of the investigation.

Accommodation costs

If the PI has to travel and there is a need for accommodation, this will also be included in your bill. This is especially necessary when you take into account that King Investigators, while based in South Africa, also tackle cases that take them into countries like Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia, right across to Argentina and Brazil.

Retainer fees

Before King Investigators embark on your investigation, you will need to settle on a retainer fee to be paid upfront, in order to get the investigation up and running.

Jacques and his team put a high value on honesty and integrity, which means that you can be confident that they will move quickly on your case, and produce high quality, guaranteed results.

Initial consultation

Your initial consultation with King Investigators is free, and it’s completely confidential. Your safety and privacy is very important to Jacques, since it goes directly to maintaining an excellent reputation earned over the years, for producing evidence that you can take to court with confidence.

Contact King Investigators to find out more about private investigator rates in South Africa

Make the call to Jacques at King Investigators to discuss the requirements of your case. It costs you nothing to chat to him about your case, and to find out more about the rates you can expect to pay for a successful investigation.

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