Does a Private Investigator Have to Identify Themselves?

A private investigator doesn’t work on the same principle as the South African Police Services when investigating a crime. As a member of SAPS, you have to identify yourself when interviewing witnesses, or carrying out a legal search backed up by a search warrant issued by a judge.

You may be in the position of needing to hire a private investigator in South Africa, in which case you’d like to know just how private the investigation will be run, leading to the question; does a private investigator have to identify themselves.

When a private investigator is carrying out surveillance, it won’t help the case they’re investigating if they have to announce to all and sundry that they are a private investigator, as it negates the undercover issue when it comes to surveillance.

Does a private investigator have to identify themselves?

Professional private investigators such as the team at King Investigators will know when it will help their investigation to let anyone alerted to their presence know that they are private investigators.

If a nosy neighbour notices a private investigator carrying out surveillance and asks what they’re doing in the neighbourhood, the private investigator can always find a good pretext for being there, provided he has extensive experience out in the field and is well prepared.

Good communication skills and the ability to be able to talk to anyone anywhere is a prerequisite for an undercover surveillance expert, and it is an area that requires real experience and knowledge.

A private investigator isn’t required by law to identify himself, in fact, with surveillance experts like the team of registered private investigators at King Investigators, the ability to remain unnoticed is a given.

As well-respected specialists in surveillance when it comes to cheating/infidelity, divorce and child custody cases, owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha brings well over ten years’ worth of experience to bear in every case he and his team undertake.

For Jacques and his team, it goes to protecting their client totally while on a case, which means that they go the distance to make sure that they aren’t even noticed, making sure to protect the client by not having to identify themselves or disclose their purposes.

When does it help for a PI to identify himself?

In cases that involve insurance fraud, tracing and various commercial cases, when information is hard to come by, it can help a private investigator to identify himself in order to get at vital information.

However, because King Investigators has been in the industry for so many years already, this team has been able to build up a network of other people in specialised fields who are able to help them, especially when it comes to gathering data for the benefit of a client.

Under no circumstances will any of these professional, registered private investigators put any client at risk by disclosing that they are indeed private investigators. 

Whatever this team has to do, they will not compromise the integrity of the investigation, your confidentiality and safety is a priority at King Investigators.

Contact Jacques at King Investigators today with regard to any investigation you may need carried out! Whether you need the top cheating spouse detective in South Africa on your side, assistance with proving employee theft or would like to trace a missing relative, no case is off-limits for King Investigators!


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