Are Private Eyes Legal?

If you’ve never needed to hire a PI but are now considering this possibility, you may ask the question; are private eyes legal? Let’s look at the downside of the private investigations industry before we get to the legalities of being a private eye in South Africa.

It’s unfortunate but true, that there are those who have no compunction about posing as a private investigator simply to fleece people out of their money, which until recent years has cast a shadow over the reputation of the guys who are legitimate PI’s.

The negative image given by these fraudsters to legitimate private investigators is grossly unfair, since it takes a lot of training, experience and knowledge to become an effective investigator.

A bona fide private eye will have studied at a recognised college in order to obtain a degree in private investigations, studies that include gaining a degree in Criminal Justice, since it is essential that any PI has a good understanding of the legalities attached to the industry.

Many private investigators have experience in the police services, which is always a good thing to be on the lookout for when hiring a PI, since this experience, along with further studies, assures you that you’ll be hiring someone who really knows what they’re doing in their field.

Are private eyes legal?

In order to become a private eye legally and officially in South Africa, the PI has to be registered by the regulatory body that oversees the conduct of the investigations industry, which is the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority (PSiRA).

If the PI you are looking into isn’t registered with the PSiRA, you would be doing yourself a great disservice by hiring him. In a world that can often be very shadowy, what you want is a private investigator who values integrity, one you know will see your case through to its conclusion the right way.

If you look at a private investigations firm such as King Investigators in Gauteng, you’ll find that this team meets all these requirements and more, to the extent that they are willing to guarantee the results of any investigation undertaken by them.

Owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, is a registered private investigator, meeting all the standards expected of private investigators by the PSiRA, and with almost 14 years’ experience on the ground, you simply can’t find better to handle your case.

King Investigations handles civil & criminal investigations

As Jacques likes to say, King Investigators is a full-service private investigations firm, with a team of professionals who don’t view any case as being off-limits.

In order to be able to hand both civil and criminal investigations, it takes an exceptional ability to cross over from carrying out surveillance on a subject to then delving into data which takes analytical skill, in order to provide clients with all the information they may need on the subject under investigation.

This ability to cross over means that you can rely on the team of investigators at King Investigators to be equipped with exceptional surveillance skills, the ability to communicate with anyone on any level, and the ability to carry out sometimes-monumental research and analysis.

If you’d prefer the best private investigator in South Africa on your case, contact King Investigators today for a free confidential consultation, or to find out more about private investigator rates.

You can rely on King Investigators to deliver the goods with honesty and integrity, which is exceptionally valuable if you want evidence that can stand up to scrutiny in court! 

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