Reasons for the use of lie detector tests in South Africa

King Investigators is a team of professional investigators dedicated to the pursuit of truth, and, in this, they also use their skill and knowledge of polygraph testing to obtain the most accurate responses possible in an age where the use of state of the art technology during the course of investigations is an absolute necessity.

The physical responses that are elicited from people who are taking a polygraph test, such as breathing patterns, variations in blood pressure and other responses elicited through skin conductivity, are recorded as questions are put to the subject under investigation, facts which then contribute to whether someone fails or passes a polygraph test.

As polygraph specialists, King Investigators provide lie detector tests that would be applicable in circumstances as set out below:

Subject-specific testing

Where subjects are tested about a particular occurrence or crime, and their involvement in it. This is a test that isn’t about ‘he said, she said’, its aimed at finding out whether someone is involved in a crime or in an incident that has caused harm, whether to people or to property. The police services often rely on King Investigators to assist with lie detector tests as they have to be carried out by a registered professional.

Confirmatory tests

Supporting honesty of claims. These lie detector tests are used when there are more than one person involved in a situation, especially if contradictory statements are presented by several individuals regarding the same matter.

Routine tests

In certain industries, such as in financial institutions, the gold and diamond mining industry, as well as in businesses that are heavily involved with product development that requires a high level of secrecy and security, an employer can request regular lie detector tests, however, it needs to be part of the employment package right from the start.

To remain fair, complying with the Labour Relations Act means that a lie detector test can’t be used unfairly against an individual singled out from the rest, if it applies to one, it has to apply to all.

To be noted here though is the fact that no employee can be forced to take a lie detector test if it’s not part of company culture. Here again, a lie detector test has to be conducted by a professional investigator with the necessary skill and knowledge to use the right equipment to ensure scientific validity.

As with any lie detector test results, these are merely to be used as supporting evidence of wrongdoing, in conjunction with other evidence obtained in the investigation.

Pre-employment polygraph tests

If you are planning to employ someone and they have nothing to hide, letting them know at the outset that they’re going to need to take a pre-employment polygraph test shouldn’t be too much of a problem. They can of course refuse, but then you can move on to the next applicant.

It could protect you from trouble further down the line, especially if there are skeletons in the cupboard such as drug or alcohol abuse, fraud, theft or a background of sexual harassment.  These are all very costly mistakes for any company to make when employing someone like this.

Cover all your bases by contacting King Investigators

If you are considering hiring a private investigator in South Africa to assist you with expert polygraph testing (lie detector tests) or voice stress analysis testing, contact King Investigators, the trusted name in the industry.

This is a team of professionals you can rely on to get to the bottom of any question of wrongdoing, and they’ll save you a lot of money in the process!

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