What Are Private Investigators Hired for?

When people think of private investigators, they mainly think of cheating husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, but the truth is they are so much more than this, which leads us to the question; what are private investigators hired for?

Yes, quite a chunk of their workload is devoted to cheating spouse investigations, but there’s a lot more to being a real private investigator in South Africa than this.

The main reason for this is the growth of technology, which has led to online cheating, which is often the first step to a real-world affair, which does impact the world of private investigators.

If you look at someone like Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, you’re looking at someone who has undertaken some pretty high risk investigations in South Africa, across her borders into Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique and Swaziland, up to and including Argentina and Brazil.

Some of these places are high risk just to visit, never mind going in as a private investigator, but using his extensive experience and ability to operate under severe pressure, while juggling multiple tasks, Jacques has come out of these cases unscathed, and with successful results for his clients.

He is also a registered private investigator, as is King Investigators, which is essential if you want someone you can trust on your case. You need only ask him for his PSiRA registration number, and you’ll know you have the real deal on your side.

What are private investigators hired for?

Ultimately, a private investigator is hired to get to the truth, in any type of case, whether it is for an individual or business, and it’s best to deal with a full-service private investigations firm such as King Investigators, if you want to be sure they have the ability to tackle any type of case.

With both criminal and civil investigations under the belt, the team at King Investigations is hired by lawyers, individuals, corporations, companies, insurance companies and more, to carry out a wide range of investigations.

This requires the ability to cross from surveillance to having the analytical skill to follow paper trails and make sense of them on behalf of a client, especially when assets are being hidden, whether in business or in a divorce.

King Investigators offer tracing services, cheating spouse investigations, due diligence, tracing, background checks with a 24-hour turnaround time, expert lie detector tests using the latest technology, business intelligence investigations, and this team are masters at the art of undercover surveillance.

For this team, it’s about getting you the results you need, whatever they may be, good or bad, so that you know the truth and can make informed decisions based on evidence that cannot be denied, even in a court.

Why hire King Investigators in South Africa?

Well, that’s simple enough to answer! This is a team that gets on with what’s in front of them, with diligence and integrity, and there’s not that much of those qualities left in this world.

King Investigators offers guaranteed results, without wasting your time or your money. Contact Jacques today to find out more about how to find your way to the truth in your case, with evidence that has true value.

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