Who Do Private Investigators Work for?

Because private investigation is fundamentally based on searching for and gathering intelligence and information that pertains to anything from financial, legal and personal cases, to prove or disprove the facts, the question is often asked, who do private investigators work for?

Ultimately, any registered private investigator in South Africa is self-employed but is hired by others to carry out investigations on their behalf, and with the broad range of sectors that require investigations from time to time, it’s hard to put any PI into a neatly tied up box.

They mainly live outside the box, thinking and moving outside the box to tie ends most would never get to tied together to bring into focus from many threads, a clear picture of the truth.

A lot of what a registered private investigations company like King Investigations in South Africa does is truly an art, due to the diversity of cases they undertake, under the guidance of owner Jacques Botha.

This is a field that demands respect for the skills people like Jacques and his team have developed in well over a decade in the industry, and for their sheer determination and drive to get the results each client deserves, which is the peace of mind that the truth brings.

Who do private investigators work for?

As with many other bona fide private investigators (not the un-registered fraudsters!), King Investigators is hired to undertake criminal and civil investigations, and are hired by individuals, law firms, insurance companies, corporations, businesses and more; no day is ever the same in the world of this team.

Some of the people King Investigators work for;

One point that needs to lead in here, is that it takes attention to detail, sheer instinct and real focus to remain as successful as the team at King Investigators has over the years!

Private individuals

A private individual may hire King Investigators to carry out a cheating spouse investigation, or to make sure that their children are safe according to any custody arrangements in a divorce. They may also hire the team to trace a missing relative or long lost friend. 

Criminal cases are also reasons that private individuals will hire a private investigator, such as in cases that involve kidnapping, theft, fraud, murder and burglary, and it could be that they’re hired by the defendant or victim, or in many cases, for the attorney of either.

Law firms

King Investigators works with law firms that know the quality of evidence and integrity brought to bear on behalf of the attorney’s client, whether in a divorce, where the question of property or money needs to be settled in a fair and just way, personal injury cases, bankruptcy, custody cases and more.

Corporations & Businesses

In terms of Business Intelligence Services and Due Diligence, King Investigators is hired by corporations and other businesses to root out things like employee theft, fraud, whether inside or outside the company, misappropriation of funds, as well as matters such as in-depth employment background checks.

Insurance Companies

There’s nothing to beat the growth in insurance fraud, with phony claims by individuals and now organized crime rings, involved in fake and inflated claims, personal injury claims that are highly exaggerated to make a buck, and car accidents that are staged, are just some of what insurance companies have to deal with.

Although most of these companies have an in-house system to follow up on suspicious claims, King Investigators is also hired to carry out insurance fraud investigations as undercover surveillance experts.

There’s so much more to King Investigators & who they work for!

This simplified article doesn’t do justice to the extent of what the team at King Investigators is capable of, so it’s really worth perusing their full extent of services here, and finding out a bit more about what this team is all about, including integrity and honesty!

Contact King Investigators today for a free, confidential consultation that may assist you to get your case moving in the right direction for your peace of mind!

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