The benefits of adding professional pre-employment polygraph testing to your HR practices

It’s become common practice for most companies, small, medium and large, to use pre-employment polygraph testing as a general rule in their HR practices, when planning to hire new personnel.

Unfortunately CV’s lie, and crime syndicates stand by to help the person applying for a position to act as legitimate ‘references’, and, while no amount of testing initially can be a guarantee that someone who really is honest won’t fall by the wayside at a later stage, it is certainly going to make your recruitment drive one based on in-depth background checks.

Only a professional private investigator is registered and able to carry out pre-employment polygraph testing and to delve deep into the backgrounds of potential employees.

Set the expectation of a pre-employment polygraph test in place at the outset of a recruitment drive

If someone applying for a position in your company knows from the start that they will be expected to undergo a pre-employment polygraph test, they can decide for themselves whether or not to continue with the application.

No one can be forced to take a pre-employment polygraph test, however, if an applicant refuses, you are then under no obligation to take an interview any further.

A professional private investigator, highly trained to carry out polygraph tests knows his field well and will put the most nervous of candidates at ease in a pre-polygraph test chat.  None of us like the idea, and none of us are angels, however, at the hands of a professional, any potential employee will feel completely at ease by the time the test actually starts, and they will know exactly how it works.

Establishing a precedent for using polygraph tests to limit crime in the workplace

In certain industries, like those in which research and development is a major part of the business, such as the pharmaceutical industry, technology industries or any industry that regularly works on bringing out new products and technologies, it may be worth establishing a precedent for using polygraph tests should an occasion arise that calls for it.

Yet again, you cannot force any employee to take a polygraph test, however, if you conduct seminars via professionals who can explain how these tests work, it will set honest employees at ease if you start integrating polygraph tests at random times purely for company security, or, of course, should there be suspicion of employee crime.

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We know how different every company is, and that most positions being filled by a new employee would have a different level of confidentiality, however, there can be no doubt that instituting pre-employment screening goes a long way towards protecting the most sensitive areas in your business right from the get-go!

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