Taking a proactive approach towards protecting your business with the assistance of a Private Investigator in SA!

Having a private investigations company on retainer can benefit your company on many levels, assisting to protect the company’s reputation and brand from reckless and illegal action from either insiders or outsiders.

Company theft statistics are constantly rising, especially in this digital age, forcing businesses to ensure they have the correct safety precautions in place. If you’re considering hiring a private investigator to protect your business, here are a few ways in which they can assist;

Putting proactive employee crime prevention strategies in place

It’s an old adage, but still very true; prevention is ultimately better than a cure! This is where a private investigator can join your business as an employee, undercover, to pinpoint areas where fraud, misappropriation of assets, company time theft or product theft can be tightened up.

It’s about streamlining these areas in order to set rules and regulations in place that will make it hard for any employee to steal from your business, and to clamp down on losses you’ve been experiencing.

The necessity for real evidence of wrongdoing before disciplinary action, dismissal or criminal charges can be taken

Should an employee be suspected of any crime in the workplace you will need concrete evidence of the crime before you do anything. Irrespective of whether its product theft, mismanagement of company assets, kickbacks, fraud or non-existent overtime that’s being paid, evidence will be essential, depending of course on the course of action you wish to pursue.

Hiring a private investigator to come in to carry out undercover surveillance to obtain evidence of employee crime, or administering professional employee polygraph tests, is going to save you infinitely more money than you are more than likely losing already.

He can also assist with ensuring that your security systems and technology involved in surveillance systems is set up in the best way possible to avoid the possibility of tampering, and, they can also advise you on any dead zones that could be problematic and help you to get these covered with surveillance too.

Start from the ground up by hiring a private investigator to work with your HR department for pre-employment screening & in-depth background checks

The bigger your business, the busier your HR department will be, which means that in terms of recruiting new employees, a few suspect people may slip through based on a cursory background check.

Hiring a private investigator to carry out an in-depth background check on potential new employees will go a long way to sifting the chaff from the wheat.

Unfortunately there are syndicates that are so well set up that they will act as supposed references listed on a CV that is made up of lies, and, it’s easy to be fooled by those who seem to be who they say they are, especially in a busy HR department!

In general, companies that have fired employees for criminal behaviour, whatever it may be, will give a reference, and, even though it certainly won’t be a glowing reference, no mention will be made of what the employee has done, which means you won’t have the truth either!

Hire King Investigators in South Africa to protect your business from employee theft/fraud or other blue collar crimes!

With a sterling reputation with legal firms, small to medium businesses, major corporations, insurance companies and workman compensation, you can be absolutely sure that King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town will be the best partners you can hire as a proactive protection for your business and legal interests!

Contact Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, to find out more about what he and his team of professional private investigators can do to assist you, whether it has anything to do with your business or private life!

Integrity, honesty and transparency is the motto for this team, which should give you absolute peace of mind in terms of finding out what they can do to assist and protect you on all levels.


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