Why private investigators need to remain detached from the outcome of investigations.

Private investigators have to undergo extensive training in order to be able to carry varied types of investigations, and it’s this training, along with experience, that puts any PI in a position to investigate without preconceptions or emotional attachment to the outcome of any case.

No one enjoys delivering bad news, and private investigators are just as human on this score as the rest of us. The difference is that as professionals, they’re able to remain focused and neutral, no matter what the outcomes of an investigation may be.

The role of the private investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria who form part of the King Investigators team is to work strictly according to the brief presented by a client, and to carry out the investigation to deliver bona fide evidence that cannot be disputed.

If any private investigator becomes emotionally involved during the course of an investigation, their professionalism and reputation would be compromised.

Taking the step to begin investigating a cheating spouse is an emotionally charged step for anyone to tackle on their own, there’s far too much that could go wrong if private individuals try to do the investigation on their own.

Simply taking the first step to speak to or meet with a private investigator to discuss finding proof of infidelity is tough enough, but to go through the steps alone takes the pain to an even higher level. Gathering photos, following your spouse or trying to get video evidence is going to make the experience even more painful for someone who is unqualified and deeply emotionally invested in the outcome.

The other side of this coin is that if a spouse or partner is looking for proof of cheating that can be used in court, any evidence obtained has to have been gathered legally, by a professional investigator.

There are strict guidelines that govern how far private investigators are allowed to go in order to obtain evidence of any wrongdoing, whether it’s a cheating spouse, fraud or criminal acts.

This is why it’s essential to make sure that when you hire a private investigator, you choose to work with one that is registered with PSIRA, which is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority regulating the private security industry.

What’s important for the investigators at King Investigators is to do a thorough assessment with each client initially, making sure that the goal of the investigation will be met as expected. This is how an investigative map is created to drive the investigation in the right direction to reach the required goals for the client.

Once King Investigators has completed an investigation, the final report is one that carries the hallmark of honesty and integrity, providing video evidence, photos and a written report that would detail what is not contained in video evidence.

The fact that a private investigator remains emotionally detached during the course of any investigation means they’re able to maintain a focused, professional approach, irrespective of the ultimate outcome of the investigation.

The only goal at King Investigators is to work within the guidelines required by each client, which includes sticking to client budgets, and then to deliver proof that, if need be, will stand up to scrutiny in court.

If for any reason you’re planning to hire a private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg, please contact King Investigators to set up a free consultation, whether at their offices or at any other place that would set you at ease.

With over ten years’ worth of investigative experience you can rely on this team to deliver honest, professional results. There’ll be no dragging their feet in order to pad your bill or the presentation of illegally obtained information that will be of no use to you.


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