Why do people hire private investigators?

Provided you hire a private investigator with an excellent reputation and all the right credentials, you can be guaranteed of having your case brought to a successful conclusion with high quality evidence.

Though most of us would rather not need the services of a PI, there are circumstances in private lives and in business dealings that call for the services of professionals like King Investigators to get to the truth in a variety of matters.

Hiring a highly regarded investigative firm such as King Investigators will ensure that you have the top private investigators in South Africa, of a quality that bring a broad range of investigative skills to the table in order to get results to prove any criminality or dishonesty of any kind.

Not only are the investigators at King Investigators licensed to carry out their trade, they are also registered with the PSiRA, which means you can rely on this team to produce evidence that is gathered in accordance with the code of conduct enforced by this governing body.

A few reasons for hiring a private investigator:

Undercover Surveillance Operations

Undercover surveillance is a fundamental skill that is used in a wide variety of investigations, which include but are not limited to:

Insurance fraud

Employee theft



Drug dealing

Theft of company secrets

Misappropriation of company assets, and more

It is essential that the PI is able to melt into the crowd so as not to be noticed, and, he also requires a high level of experience and training to think on his feet as situations change on the ground during an investigation.


King Investigators will assist you to trace a long lost relative, adopted children, natural parents, as well as tracing anyone who is in hiding from a civil court case.

Cheating spouses

According to statistics, infidelity, cheating and affairs in relationships are one of the major reasons that people will hire a PI. It this is the case for you, it’s essential that you make sure that your PI has the relevant experience in all aspects of a case like this, including the essential undercover surveillance aspect of it.

Without experience, an investigator may put himself and the client in danger if he is discovered by the subject under surveillance. If you want the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa on your case, make sure you contact King Investigators!

Divorce & Child custody cases

Custody of children often becomes war in a divorce, and, ultimately, if one spouse believes that the children from the marriage will not be safe with the other, there has to be tangible proof of anything like this for it to hold any water in a custody battle.

Your PI can assist you with proof of whether or not your child is safe, or that the other party is sticking to custody arrangements.

In-depth background checks

You can put the experience, knowledge and network of other professionals brought to the table by King Investigators to assist you in carrying out in-depth background checks.

This applies to employee background checks, checking into the background of a possible new business partner or even an in-depth check into a new love interest. Being proactive in these matters, no matter how personal, is protecting yourself in the way you deserve to be protected at the outset of any relationship, business or personal.

Business intelligence investigative services

Business intelligence investigative services on offer from King Investigators include anything that is causing losses to your business, whether in the form of fraud, asset misappropriation and financial investigations, which is especially important when you’re planning to invest in another company.

Should you find you need the professional assistance of a top private investigator in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, please don’t hesitate to contact owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, to find out more about what he and his team can do to bring what’s hidden to light!

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