When you need the best investigators on your case, contact King Investigators

If you’re going to hire a private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg, make sure it’s the best.  Speak to the team at King Investigators if you’d like to be absolutely sure that you won’t be dealing with an investigator that’ll take the shirt off your back by prolonging an investigation, or padding an expense account unnecessarily.

Anything less than choosing a seasoned professional with an excellent reputation for results, will amount to paying for evidence that is compromised and will be of no value to you in a court case.

King Investigators is a full-service investigative firm, who tailor their services to individuals and businesses, offering valuable experience and insight into any case you bring to them, ensuring that they deliver nothing but evidence that will be incontrovertible.

If the private investigator you hire lacks integrity and seems a bit sleazy, you can be pretty sure that the methods he uses to gather evidence will be suspect, at best, which will do your case absolutely no good at all.

Evidence in any case has to be gathered according to the regulations governing private investigators in South Africa, and, these regulations are enforced by the PSIRA, which is in place to protect you from any shady operators or from any unprofessional conduct on the part of an investigator.

King Investigators is a registered member of PSIRA, proof enough that this team of investigators is serious about their area of expertise. In fact, this is an investigative firm with a reputation for placing honesty and integrity ahead of anything else when it comes to working your case.

There are strict rules about how an investigator may go about gathering evidence in any case, which includes the fact that issues such as invasion of privacy, misrepresentation and entrapment are not acceptable if you want the evidence to be of any value.

State of the art technology is also essential to carrying out successful investigations, which means that, as always, the team at King Investigators keep up with trends and the latest developments for use in the field.

Though this team of investigators are able to tackle a wide range of investigations, the one thing that is off limits is bending or breaking the rules or using illegal tactics to gather evidence. It’s really all about providing service excellence during an investigation, start to finish.

When a private investigator tells you that he’s willing to guarantee your satisfaction with an investigation, you can take it to the bank that he’s on the up and up, which is exactly what Jacques Botha and his team offer.

Fees are always discussed up-front, so that you’ll have a good idea of costs involved in your case, another feather in the cap for the honesty and integrity of this team.

It is through sheer experience that King Investigators knows how to provide you with the most cost effective way to bring any investigation to a successful conclusion.

The range of investigative services offered by King Investigators includes obtaining evidence of infidelity or fraud, providing in-depth background investigations and tracing of missing people, to name a few.

If you need the assistance of the best in the field, contact King Investigators today to get the ball rolling on your investigation.

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