What type of cases would a licensed private investigator refuse to tackle?

There are many reasons that people will decide to hire a private investigator, but, while reputable investigators are always in pursuit of facts to back up evidence provided to their clients, there are some clients who request services that no honest, licensed private investigator will touch.

Private investigators are bound by a set of rules and regulations that govern their industry, pertaining to the manner in which they collect evidence, which includes the fact that they may not in any way invade private property, trespass, misrepresent themselves or carry out illegal entrapment.

The bottom line is that if the private investigator you’ve hired is willing to ignore these rules, you’re going to end up with evidence that will hold no water in a court of law.

With over 10 years’ worth of experience as a private investigator in Johannesburg and Pretoria, Jacques Botha, a registered Private Investigator and owner of King Investigators, bases his professional conduct on a commitment to delivering timely, accurate and honest information clients, irrespective of the outcome of the investigation.

Because Jacques believes that integrity is essential in carrying out investigative operations, there are limits to what he and his team will investigate in terms of going outside of the law as registered members of PSIRA.

Here are a few examples of what an above-board, professional team like King Investigators will not do for a client:

  • Planting a GPS tracker

This is an issue that no private investigator worth his salt will tackle unless the client requesting the tracker owns the car. Planting a GPS tracker on a car owned by someone other than the client is looking for trouble as far as the law is concerned.

You are going to get a lot further if you choose a reputable private investigator to carry out undercover surveillance on the person, collecting all the evidence legally to make sure that it will stand up to scrutiny in court.

  • Tapping phones

This is a definite no-no!  Tapping any phone is illegal, whether it’s a landline or a cell phone! Even the police and other law enforcement agencies in South Africa have to request permission from a judge to carry out the tapping of a phone, and it’s permission that’s very hard to come by.

  • Tracing

Because there are baddies in the world like stalkers, abusers and others with less than pristine reasons for tracing someone who is missing, a good private investigator will take each case on its merits alone. This is to ensure that there’s nothing sinister behind the request for the trace. If the request seems dodgy, the private investigator has every right to turn down the request.

Once the circumstances and reasons for finding a missing person has been established as innocent, King Investigators has a world of experience in locating missing loved ones, old school friends or even past romantic acquaintances. The success of a tracing case does rely heavily on having as much information on the missing person as possible for a successful conclusion – and for happy reunions!

As for the rest, in terms of trusted investigations, contact Jacques at King Investigators for the best private investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria, he will be happy to discuss the specifics of your case confidentially, and to help you make your budget work for your benefit.

Deal with investigators you can trust to deliver honest results and avoid those who’ll do anything just to lighten your wallet and leave you empty handed!


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