What Private Investigators Do?

Private investigators have always intrigued people with their enigmatic profession and ability to uncover hidden truths. From thrilling detective novels to suspenseful movies, the image of a skilled investigator has captured our imagination.

Of course many of these movies and novels have also painted a false picture of what it really means to be a bona fide private investigator who can undertake investigations based on the legalities involved in gathering information and doing things the right way, to protect you, the client.

However, what do private investigators do in real life? In answer to this question, we’ll delve into the world of private investigators in South Africa, shedding light on their roles, skills, and the valuable services they provide to people who don’t know where else to turn for the truth.

What Private Investigators Do?

Looking at trusted investigators like King Investigators, which is a full-service investigations firm, where no case is off-limits, means that you’ll be dealing with consummate professionals able to tackle a full range of investigative services, ranging from cheating spouse investigations to corporate investigations, and everything in-between.

The team at King Investigators, headed by owner Jacques Botha, specialises in gathering information, uncovering facts and providing professional, comprehensive results that are accurate for their clients.

Jacques and his team of registered investigators are highly skilled in various investigative techniques, using these to solve a wide range of cases, civil or criminal.

Whether it’s corporate investigations, background checks, surveillance, or uncovering evidence for legal purposes, this team plays a crucial role in helping individuals, businesses, and legal entities find the truth.

King Investigators offers a full range of services tailored to meet specific needs. These services include:

1 Background Checks

King Investigators thoroughly research an individual’s personal, professional, and financial history, providing valuable insights that aid in making informed decisions, whether as an individual or business owner. This service is often employed by employers, potential business partners, or individuals considering new personal relationships.

2 Surveillance 

King Investigators are surveillance experts, conducting these operations to monitor and gather evidence discreetly, which is of great use in cases of suspected infidelity, insurance fraud, verifying an individual’s activities for legal purposes or knowing the full background of someone you may be planning to take on as a business partner.

3 Corporate Investigations 

This team’s role is also to assist businesses by investigating potential fraud, theft, embezzlement, or other illegal activities within the company. They provide comprehensive reports to help you protect your assets and maintain a secure working environment.

4 Missing Persons

The team at King Investigators use their expertise and resources to locate missing persons. Whether it’s a lost family member, a runaway teenager, or a witness required for legal proceedings, these experienced professionals employ their skills to track down and reunite individuals with their loved ones.

5 Legal Support: King Investigators is the go-to team when it comes to working closely with legal professionals to gather evidence, conduct witness interviews, and verify facts crucial to building strong legal cases. Their assistance can be instrumental in both civil and criminal investigations.

Skills & Expertise of Private Investigators

Jacques and his team of investigators at King Investigators possess a unique set of skills that enable them to excel in their profession, skills that include:

Research and Analysis 

Jacques and his team are adept at conducting thorough research, utilising various databases, online resources, and public records to gather relevant information. They possess strong analytical skills, allowing them to piece together facts and draw accurate conclusions from reams of information.

Surveillance Techniques

Being skilled in covert surveillance, employing advanced techniques to discreetly monitor individuals or locations without raising suspicion are all in a day’s work for King Investigators. This involves the use of specialised equipment and an acute attention to detail.

Interviewing and Interrogation

Trained in effective interviewing and interrogation techniques, Jacques and his team is often called on by private individuals and the police to carry out further investigation privately, in order to assist police when the hit a brick wall in gathering necessary information to bring a case to conclusion. 

They know how to extract information from witnesses, subjects, or potential suspects, while maintaining professionalism and confidentiality.

Ethical and Legal Knowledge

King Investigators adhere to strict ethical guidelines and possess a deep understanding of legal procedures. They work within the boundaries of the law to ensure that the evidence they gather is admissible in court, maintaining the privacy and rights of all involved parties, as expected by the PSiRA.

What Can King Investigators Do for You?

Contact Jacques at King Investigators today to get your investigation underway with professionals that place a high value on their reputation for honesty, integrity and transparency.

If you are concerned about whether or not you have the budget to hire a private investigator, chat to Jacques about how he and his team work to put together an investigation that doesn’t break your budget! 

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