What Crimes Do Private Investigators Investigate?

It’s the ability to obtain what’s considered admissible evidence that can be presented in court for a criminal case that sets one investigator apart from the next, irrespective of the crime, but, what crimes do private investigators investigate?

In general, murder, rape, blackmail, fraud, home invasions, drug trafficking, human trafficking and other violent crimes are all crimes that can be investigated by the team of highly trained, experienced private investigators at King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa.

No case is off-limits for this team of highly respected professionals, and, if you’re a victim of any of these crimes, friend or family member of someone who has been a victim, King Investigators is the team you want on your side, to bring fresh insight and evidence to light in the investigation of a crime.

Although owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, can’t carry out an arrest when it comes to catching a criminal, he and his team can, through their professional relationship with SAPS, assist the police in carrying out the arrest and then taking the case to court with evidence that’s irrefutable.

What crimes do private investigators investigate?

In all the crimes mentioned above, it’s about presenting a criminal or civil court with enough quality evidence to reach a verdict or finding that is beyond a reasonable doubt!

You won’t see the name of Jacques, any of his team of investigators or King Investigators in the news or spotlight, too many of the cases this team investigates are sensitive and often high profile, and, as the ones behind the evidence, these PI’s can’t afford to bask in the limelight if they are to remain effective in their field.

In fact, Jacques has crossed many borders in Southern Africa and over into Brazil and Argentina, to carry out high risk investigations that have called on all his skill as an investigator and analyst to bring cases to a successful conclusion, so he is no stranger to the dangers that come with criminal investigations!

Of the Southern African countries to which King Investigators travel to, these include Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique and Namibia. This means that as much as no case is off-limits for King Investigators, neither is any border crossing off-limits!

Serious & violent crime statistics on the rise in South Africa

Like any other country in the world, South Africa has an embattled and understaffed police force desperately trying to keep up with increasing serious and violent crime statistics, under constantly challenging circumstances.

As such, SAPS can only go so far and no further in certain criminal cases in terms of gathering further irrefutable evidence, further interviewing of witnesses and more, which is where King Investigators is able to render assistance that will help them to charge a criminal and bring the case to court.

King Investigators also assist families and other individuals in digging deeper into a police investigation to bring a case to conclusion, ensuring that perpetrators of crime don’t get away with it.

King Investigators guarantee results!

Contact Jacques and his team of registered private investigators at King Investigators in South Africa today, if you need help with any criminal or civil case. 

You’ll find that you’ll be dealing with an investigative firm with well over 10 years experience in the field, who can perform under extreme pressure to make sure that they deliver guaranteed results that are within your budget.


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