Looking for the best private investigators in Johannesburg & Pretoria?

If you’re in a situation that leads to having to find private investigations firms in Johannesburg and Pretoria, then the best place you could start would be with King Investigators!

This is a team of highly trained investigators with over 10 years’ worth of experience in private investigations to bring to the table. Although the offices of King Investigators are based in Johannesburg, this team offers a national and global investigations service.

Many international investigators also rely on King Investigators to assist them with surveillance when active investigations move across continents, not only because they trust this top notch team of investigators to deliver quality reports and evidence, but also because of their intimate knowledge of South Africa, the lay of the land and its local customs.

The team at King Investigators has the experience and street smarts necessary to communicate with people from all walks of life, which is essential, as well as to blend into the background when it comes to undercover surveillance.

Besides the fact that King Investigators are sticklers for the rules and code of ethics that govern the private investigations industry in South Africa as a whole, they add to it with their ability to use good common sense and judgement in every one of the comprehensive range of investigative services  offered by this team.

There are many good reasons to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable private investigations firm, however, chief among these is that you need to know that any investigation  carried out is done in such a way that the evidence gathered will stand up to the test of a courtroom, or it is simply a waste of money.

Evidence becomes useless if it is obtained via misrepresentation, invasion of privacy, entrapment or trespassing, which is why private investigators have often been given a bad reputation, which is a label that is not deserved by those who stick to the rules of private investigations.

King Investigators could hardly have become one of the largest surveillance and investigative firms in South Africa without its unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty. Add to this the fact that they’ll deliver proof in any investigation that cannot be doubted from a legal standpoint.

Being such a large, established investigative firm means that King Investigators has a network of investigators who are able to move into action on your case at a moment’s notice. This also means you that you’ll have immediate access to your investigator for the duration of the investigation.

King Investigators carries out undercover surveillance and investigations that serve private individuals and businesses, dedicated to responsibly, effectively and thoroughly investigating each situation according to the circumstances and on merit.

On a more personal level, these investigators have the knowledge, sensitivity and compassion to assist individuals with investigations into cheating spouses or partners. This team understands that this is very difficult, uncharted territory for many people, which makes having an ethical private investigator on your side very important.

In terms of business intelligence services, King Investigators assists clients with services that range from background checks, undercover surveillance and counterintelligence to polygraph testing.

Let King Investigators do what they do best, and know that your investigation will be carried out by investigators who have the highest level of experience and training in the industry today!




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