Hire the top PI’s in South Africa for a successful conclusion to your case!

If you want the most trusted professional private investigators in South Africa on your case, the best place you could start is right here, with King Investigators in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria!

As an investigative company with a superb reputation after ten years in the field, King Investigators is a team of professionals that operate on a national and global level, bringing to the table skills that have been finely honed to handle a full range of investigative services from Johannesburg to Cape Town and Pretoria.

As a result of the reputation earned by this team, headed by owner Jacques Botha, King Investigators are the go-to team for international investigators when they need assistance with investigations in South Africa.

Aside from their reputation for honesty and integrity, overseas investigators rely on this team for their in-depth knowledge of the unique range of customs across a broad range of cultures and nationalities.

It’s this intimate knowledge of the lay of the land in South Africa that gives King Investigators the necessary experience and skill to bring cases to a swift conclusion for the network of overseas investigators they assist.

The fact that King Investigators has a team made up of licensed investigators and is also registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body for the security industry in South Africa is also an excellent recommendation when it comes to knowing whether you’re dealing with investigators that will not jeopardise your case by using illegal methods to obtain evidence.

Few investigators are able to blend into the background during undercover surveillance like this team can, and, with the consummate ability that they each have to communicate on all levels, with people from every walk of life is yet another feather in the cap of this consistently successful team.

If you want evidence you know will be irrefutable in a court case, this is the team for you. Under no circumstances do they use illegal methods such as misrepresentation, invasion of privacy, entrapment or trespassing in order to manufacture questionable evidence that will be of no value to you, either in court or in financial terms.

You’ll simply be left holding a bag of useless evidence added to a financial loss, as well as possibly having to face legal troubles as a result of presenting illegally obtained evidence to present for your case!

As a well established, large investigative company means that King Investigators can move on your case at the drop of a hat, and, as true professionals, they are always available to your the duration of the investigation.

Dedicated to responsible, effective investigation in any type of case, whether for private individuals or large commercial businesses, you can rely on King Investigators to use all their training and skill to carry out an investigation on multi-levels, including expert undercover surveillance.

Whether on a personal level you want to hire the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, or, on a larger scale, hire the team to investigate any issue to do with business intelligence services, carry out in-depth background checks or carry out professional polygraph testing, this team will be at your service, treating your case with absolute confidentiality and professionalism.

Know that when you contact King Investigators, you will have the finest private investigators in South Africa at your side, working with you to protect your personal and business interests through sheer service excellence!



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