Top tips for hiring the best private investigator to tackle your case

If what you’re looking for in terms of evidence of any wrongdoing is of an irrefutable quality, whether proof that a spouse is cheating or your numbers fundi is cooking the books, then there are a few top tips that go a long way to ensuring you hire the best private investigator in South Africa.

Knowing what to ask the private investigator when you first contact him will go a long way to ensuring you do hire the best, and don’t end up with evidence that’s tainted and of no value.

Set aside any preconceptions you may have about private investigators and keep these questions in mind as your top tips for hiring the best private investigator to tackle your case.

Does he have the experience needed to suit your particular case?

This is very important. You need to know that he has the experience and knowledge to handle your particular case. For instance, an investigator who only carries out investigations into fraud won’t do you any good if what you need is a good cheating spouse detective you can trust.

How long has he been in the industry?

If the private investigator you’re chatting to has been in the field for many years already, you’re looking at a good indication of the level of experience a private investigator has right off the bat.

Does he cover a broad range of investigations?

It’s a good idea to hire a private investigator who can offer a full range of services, so that he isn’t restricted in what he can do to deliver the results you want. For instance, you may be hiring him to find proof of infidelity, but also to find assets that may are being hidden in the run up to a divorce case.

This calls for undercover experience, as well as the ability to analyse and collate reams of sensitive data, to provide every aspect of evidence required by your lawyer.

Is he upfront about costs?

If, from the outset, the investigator is open with you about costs up front, you can begin to relax. If you’re really lucky, you’ll deal with someone who knows exactly how to deliver excellent results without fleecing you or padding a non-existent expense account.

The best will always make sure that the investigation doesn’t trail on endlessly in order to milk you of your last dime, so if he doesn’t really want to talk costs, move along!

Do remember though, that there could well be additional costs along the way, but if he’s a guy with integrity, he’ll let you know what they might be.

Can he offer references?

Yes, you can ask a private investigator for references. He will know exactly how to do so without compromising any client, and what they have to say will go a long way to making you feel more at ease in talking to him.

Can he guarantee a result?

It’s possible that you hire a private investigator to prove whether or not your spouse is cheating, only to find out that it’s not the case, however, the one thing the private investigator you hire should be able to guarantee, is that you will be completely satisfied with the conclusion of the case.

Is your information safe with him?

Vital! You need to find out what you can expect in terms of confidentiality and the safety of your personal information. A really good private investigator will make sure that any information on clients and cases is kept securely off-site of his office, so that not even a random break-in will compromise your privacy.

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