Tips to help you hire the best professional PI in South Africa

A private investigator with a high level of professionalism could well be all that stands between you and a successful court case, which is why it’s essential for you do your homework and a bit of digging before committing to a particular investigator.

In general, most people who have decided to hire a private investigator for the first time have a personal set of preconceived ideas about the industry as a whole, much of which is could be negative, based mainly on the seedy PI’s we’ve been exposed to in film and television.

Not all private investigators are the sleazy, dishonest type that are often depicted in movies, but they certainly do exist, and it’s important that you make sure you’re dealing with one that’s licensed and has a good reputation.

There are many highly experienced professional private investigators in South Africa who value integrity and honesty as the basis for every case they investigate, and its guys like this you want on your side.

Before you sign on the dotted line and commit to any private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg, make sure you find out as much as you can about him. Should you choose the wrong one, you could end up with money wasted and evidence not worth anything legally!

Simple tips to help you choose the right professional private investigator:


The need for experience in your investigator can’t be over-emphasised. He has to be able to adapt to a wide ranging spectrum of investigations to be of any real service to you. Only many years’ worth of experience in the industry can bring assurance to you that your PI will have the wealth of knowledge required to cover all aspects of your specific case.


You have every right to find out more about what previous clients have to say about an investigator you are planning to hire, which is why it’s important to ask for references from clients about how the investigator has handled their cases.

If he tries to avoid giving you references then you’re definitely in the wrong place!

Transparency about costs

During your first meeting with the investigator, you should be able to get a good idea of what the investigation could cost, but, this will only be the case if he is someone who is committed to undertaking the investigation in the most cost effective way possible.

An investigator who values his reputation and integrity isn’t going to pad the bill for your investigation with unnecessary or frivolous costs. He’ll also make sure that should additional costs crop up during the course of the investigation, he will discuss it with you before going ahead.


While no investigator can guarantee you’ll happy about the results you get from an investigation, none of us enjoy proof of dishonesty, crime or infidelity, what he can and should do, is to be able to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the integrity of the evidence presented at the conclusion of the investigation.

In effect, what he’s guaranteeing is that the evidence that’ll be presented to you will be honest, and able to stand up to scrutiny in court.

Privacy & confidentiality

None of us would want to announce to the world that we need to hire a private investigator, no matter the reason.  The fact is that the very nature of this course of action is that it’s private, which means you need to know that your private investigator values your privacy, and will keep any and all information confidential, before, during and after the investigation.

Is he PSIRA registered?

There is a code of conduct governing all private investigators in South Africa and the manner in which they’re allowed to gather evidence. Being registered with the PSIRA assures you that you’ll be dealing with an investigator who is above board in all his dealings during an investigation.

PSIRA is actively involved in the investigation of any illegal practices in the industry, which also serves to keep safe from being exploited by unscrupulous investigators.

Check here to find out whether your private investigator is registered with PSIRA, in this way, you will be certain that you’re dealing with a professional who respects the governing rules of the industry.

Any compromise on these standards will compromise your case, leaving you out of pocket and holding evidence worth nothing in court.

King Investigators more than meet all the above criteria, and, in their pursuit of excellence, honesty and integrity, clients are given the confidence to trust this team with the most personal details needed to carry out an effective investigation.

Give owner Jacques Botha a call today to set up a free consultation before you make any decisions about who to trust with your investigation.

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