Custody cases are a speciality field for the team from King Investigators

King Investigators work to maintain close ties with attorneys in order to lay out plans that’ll give the investigator all the information an attorney needs to present a custody case in court, in favour of his client.

As a client having to face the difficulties that are attached to custody and visitation investigations, you’ll want to be absolutely sure that the private investigator you’ve hired will take professional responsibility for the investigation and the conclusions reached at the end of it.

This is because you need to rely on the quality of the evidence and trust that it has been collected according to the law.  Let there be no doubt, an unprofessional investigator with no scruples will compromise your case when it comes to court, where you’ll watch good money thrown out with useless evidence.

The law is complicated with regard to child custody cases, which is why the investigator also has to have a fundamental grasp of the law, and to work closely with the attorney, making sure that no extraneous evidence is collected that will be of no value once the case gets to court.

It’s unfortunate that child custody cases and visitation cases are among the most common cases that require the services of a private investigator, but, when a child is in any way at risk, the cold facts are what are necessary to protect him or her.

Emotions of all parties that have a stake in the decision of the courts run high in any custody battle, which is why there’s no room for mistakes on the part of the investigator, who is required to remain neutral during the investigation and to act with integrity for the duration.

In many custody cases it’s not only the parents who have a stake in the outcome of the court decision. Other family members also experience the sometimes devastating emotional impact of the whole process, which is something any private investigator will be sensitive to.

A private investigator with good communication skills and sensitivity is what you’ll need most while going through a painful experience involving your child.

It’s important that you know as much as possible about the private investigator you hire, to ensure that they’ll conduct their investigation in a way that remains in line with the code of conduct set out by the PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

If you look for a private investigator in Johannesburg or Pretoria, or anywhere else in South Africa, make sure they’re registered with PSIRA, if not, don’t even consider him.

Because the evidence and final report from the private investigator is going to be presented in court, you need to be very selective about who’ll be handing over the final report to your attorney.

Fictitious allegations won’t cut it in court, ever! By the time the attorney for the other side is through with the evidence and depositions of others involved in the case, this so-called evidence will be ripped apart and thrown out.

Remember, your spouse or partner will be using their own private detective, so it’s not worth trying to get one over on the court.

While the attorney will be conducting depositions of the main parties involved in this difficult and painful case, the private investigator will conduct interviews with those who play a lesser role, such as domestic workers, neighbours and even local shop assistants.

The periphery players serve to underpin the depositions of the main players and will include anyone coming into contact with the other party in the custody case, in order to complete the picture to be presented to the court.

Surveillance will also play an important role in compiling a comprehensive report that will include time stamped photos and videos. Any suspicion that a child is in any way endangered, abused or neglected will definitely come to light during the investigation.

The team at King Investigators in Johannesburg are consummate professionals who bring to custody cases the integrity and honesty that’ll allow your attorney to present a strong case that’ll make sure your child is protected.

If you’re facing a battle for your child, contact King Investigators for a confidential chat that will put you at ease in an exceptionally difficult situation.


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