Into the future with PI’s & technology

While a private investigator may excel at undercover surveillance and have superb analytical skills, it’s not enough in our digital landscape. Any true professional will also keep abreast of the latest developments in surveillance technology to work more effectively at getting to the truth in an investigation a lot faster than ever before.

A modern, up to date private investigator should be able and willing to use the latest tech gadgets to raise undercover surveillance to a new level, and, be willing to know as much as possible about anything new that is developed to take investigations to greater heights.

A private investigator in touch with the latest technology allows him to be ready for any eventuality that could happen while carrying out an undercover surveillance

Of course, technology on its own can never take the place of pounding the pavements in certain investigations, however, using this two pronged approach brings evidence to light a lot faster than ever before, cutting down costs for clients as well.

A private investigator has to be as tech savvy as criminals are today, and they are definitely in a war zone when it comes to keeping up with these criminals using technology as a weapon to commit a variety of crimes.

Here are a few tech gadgets used by investigators that won’t give their deepest secrets away!

Spyware technology

A private investigator will be able to install spyware technology that will make sure you don’t have any spyware on your computers or mobile phones, doing this by mimicking keystrokes to follow the search patterns of the subject under surveillance, who will remain unaware that they’re being watched.

If all clients want is the truth for themselves it’s legal, however, as it is with GPS tracking, this type of acquisition of evidence isn’t accepted in a court of law, but can help with dismissals of employees.

GPS tracking systems

If you have a fleet of company vehicles and trucks you need keeping track of, you are completely within your rights to have a private investigator install the GPS tracking device on your vehicles.

The driver of the company vehicle does not have to give approval for the tracking device to be used as the vehicle is not in his or her name.

Technology has made it easy to plant tracking devices in vehicles without detection, to the extent that they can be attached to the steering column in a vehicle without being detectable.

When it comes to hiring a cheating spouse detective, keeping track of a cheating wife or husband via GPS tracking is a lot more complicated. The only way a GPS tracking device can be installed on a vehicle your spouse is driving is if the vehicle is registered in your name. If not, data gathered through the use of GPS tracking will be considered inadmissible in court in this situation.

Voice stress analysis tests

Many people can lie straight-faced, without blinking an eye, but, a voice stress analysis test carried out by a professional investigator will tell the true story without much effort, even if questions are asked over a phone!

It’s as simple as measuring words, levels of excitement and stress that can be measured with this tool, making it an excellent tool that can indicate how truthful the speaker is at the time of the test. These tests can be carried out via phone, recording or in a face to face situation.

Micro cameras & videos

A micro-camera is a perfect way for a private investigator to carry out undercover surveillance without being noticed by the subject under investigation at all!

These cameras can also be used to capture images of documents that could lead to hidden assets or a crime in progress.

Into the future with PI’s & technology

There’s no doubt that technology and software will be making giant leaps into the future, which means that private investigators are going to have to up their own game by becoming as tech savvy as many criminals are.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, will tell you that he and his investigators put a lot of work into becoming as tech savvy as criminals are today.

Superb exploratory and analytical skills are essential here, where, in tandem with being out in the field, data bases need to be scoured for the right type of information to open up evidence to close a case.

Through integrity, excellence, knowledge and experience, King Investigators assures clients that whether criminal or civil, the evidence presented by this professional team will be fully admissible in any court when needed!

Contact King Investigators in Pretoria today, let Jacques introduce you to how he and his team of investigators can assist in making your case watertight.


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