The most essential investigative skill used by private investigators is undercover surveillance

Whether it’s obtaining evidence to support a parent in a custody case, evidence of cheating or insurance fraud, the go-to tool for private investigators in many of these instances is undercover surveillance.

Many businesses hire private investigators to carry out undercover surveillance on their behalf if they’re experiencing theft of goods or misappropriation of funds.

While the reasons for undercover surveillance may vary, the one essential component to its success or failure is the absolute necessity for on the ground experience on the part of the investigator.

Undercover surveillance is designed to be able to observe people without being noticed, a situation that could cause harm to both the investigator and the client. In addition to undercover surveillance, the use of state of the art technology enhances surveillance and the gathering of vital evidence today, in virtually every investigation..

Undercover surveillance in the digital age

In an ever-evolving age of technology, tools such as high tech digital video cameras offering high definition images are used to facilitate even greater undercover surveillance capabilities, bringing to the field cameras that are able to store large amounts of footage without interruption.

Every video and image is time-stamped, and, with extended battery life and zoom capabilities, these images and videos are used to back up evidence that can be in no doubt. The long battery life on these high tech cameras also means that the investigator can stay on the case longer than ever before.

Cell phones have come into their own as surveillance tools that can be used inconspicuously on a stakeout, especially due to the fact that other people around the investigator undercover are also busy on their phones, whether on calls or taking photos. This is a tool an investigator can use easily, without attracting any attention at all.

Cell phones serve investigators especially well if there are times when a video camera is too big to take on a specific part of the investigation, especially if footage is being shot in a public place like a restaurant, hotel or other public places.

Micro cameras also come in extremely handy in public too, ensuring that the investigator’s cover isn’t blown. Micro cameras are very versatile and can be disguised as anything from a Bluetooth headset to a tie clip or button. This makes sure that the subject under surveillance is none the wiser of the presence of the investigator.

Generally, a nondescript car will be used while tracking a subject, however, GPS trackers are also sometimes used by to keep track of the movements of someone under surveillance a private investigator may be able to use under certain circumstances.

One needs to note here that there are still some legal issues that need to be ironed out when it comes to using GPS trackers as a form of surveillance. In most cases, the permission of the vehicle owner is required, which would negate their use in some instances, except perhaps in an infidelity case and the spouse has the legal right to grant permission to attach a GPS tracker to a vehicle registered in their name.

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