Private Investigators in Gauteng

In English they’re called Private Investigators, and, in our second language in South Africa, they’re called ‘Privaat Speurders’, which means that whether or not you speak English, you’ll still find private investigators in Gauteng, without having to jump through hoops.

Being bilingual, even if just enough to get by, certainly helps when it comes to dealing with something as fraught with ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ as hiring a PI is.

King Investigators – Private Investigators in Gauteng

You deserve the best when it comes to putting your confidential information into the hands of someone you don’t know well, which means that in your search for private investigators in Gauteng, starting with King Investigators is going to get you off to the best start you could hope for!

King Investigators investigative services

When you deal with a professional investigative company such as King Investigators, you can be absolutely confident about the quality of service you can expect from a team with as much training and experience under the belt as this one!

It’s impossible to carry out undercover surveillance and then immediately move across to analysing financial and other data, without the training, skill and experience that the team at King Investigators has gained in over 10 years in the field. 

Knowing that you have a team like this on your side is a real confidence booster when it comes to hiring private investigators in Gauteng, or anywhere else in South Africa for that matter!

Invaluable, incontrovertible evidence is the bottom line

Should you be heading for a court case, whether criminal or civil, you’ll need evidence that is incontrovertible to present in court, or risk having your case dismissed if any of the evidence smacks at dishonesty or underhandedness!

There is a strict code of ethics that is set by the PSIRA, the governing body of the security industry in South Africa, and, this is where men are separated from the boys in the private investigations field.

King Investigators is registered with the PSIRA and, each investigator on the team is registered as a professional PI as well, which more than covers your security when you head into court with evidence gathered by this team!

Professional results delivered without wasting time & money

The team at King Investigators in Gauteng goes to great lengths to ensure that no case drags on beyond what’s absolutely necessary to produce quality evidence.

Unfortunately, many lesser investigators will take their time on a case in order to push up the bill and, preferably to pad the expense account with imaginary expenses!

You can rely on Jacques and his team to be open and aboveboard when it comes to discussing private investigator rates, and, you can rely on the fact that, with their knowledge and use of state of the art technology, they cut down on time and expense on your behalf, always putting the client first.

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Private Investigators in Gauteng

Chat to King Investigators today to find out more about just how quickly these guys will get your investigation up and running, right where you need them to be, anywhere in Gauteng, South Africa…or across borders!

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