PI’s find the proof that attorneys need in order to win cases

Whether a private investigator is working with district attorneys or those in private practice, the burden of uncovering evidence that brings a successful verdict rests with this professional.

No attorney has the time to follow up on leads, pound the pavements looking for witnesses or sitting for hours in a parked car, waiting to snap photos of the villain of the story in action.

This is why most major law firms keep a high level private investigations firm like King Investigators on retainer. This normally comes about as a relationship between lawyer and investigator is cemented over a period of time, time in which the investigator has proven his worth beyond any doubt.

No attorney can afford to stand before his client and a judge with tainted evidence gathered illegally, which makes his or her choice of investigator extremely important.

King Investigators also have a working knowledge of the law, which, together with the strict code of conduct that governs their industry, ensures that they know exactly how to go about presenting evidence that cannot be questioned or doubted in court.

This team of investigators is able to get around, and, not being tied to a desk, they’re able to track down witnesses that were not part of an original investigation, revisit the scene of a crime and review evidence gathered at the scene, as well as tracing hidden assets that would benefit the client.

Depending on each case, the attorney and private investigator will map out exactly what type of evidence needs to be presented when a case goes to court, at which point the investigator leads the way with his experience.

Here are some of the benefits that are gained when an attorney hires a private investigator:

Cost cutting

By hiring a private investigator, an attorney is able to cut down on billable hours a client would have paid if the case had dragged on for lack of solid evidence.

Shifting the burden of proof

In the partnership between attorney and private investigator, the burden of proof is laid firmly at the door of the investigator, leaving the attorney to pursue other avenues that pertain to the case but are within his or her field.

In-depth information

Dealing in finding and assimilating information requires expert training and experience, which are qualities inherent to anything the team at King Investigators do.

Because they’re able to track down information in places a non-professional is not allowed to enter, this team is able to comb databases in search of virtually any information that would be of benefit to the client.

Presentation of proof

King Investigators provides a thorough report at the conclusion of a case, presenting time-stamped photos and videos, along with a comprehensive report to cover any other activities that take place but cannot be documented visually.

Court appearance

There is seldom a reason for a private investigator to give evidence in court as a result of the quality of evidence and professionalism that underlies evidence gathered by King Investigators.

If it is required, you can be certain that these investigators are able to handle cross-examination like the pro’s they are!

A last word

With a sterling reputation for excellence and integrity, King Investigators will provide you with evidence that can be trusted to stand up to scrutiny in court, working with your attorney to bring the case to a successful conclusion on your behalf.

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