If an attorney needs quality evidence to win a case, King Investigators are their first call!

The responsibility for uncovering evidence that will allow a successful court verdict in any case rests with the private investigator that is closely allied with district attorneys or with lawyers.

This is necessary as no attorney or DA has to time to go undercover to follow up on leads and gather trustworthy evidence on top of having to prepare for a court case on behalf of their client.

You’ll find that most major law firms and DA’s rely on creating a solid working relationship with a private investigator they can trust to deliver the goods, and to deliver them legally. In most cases, once an attorney or DA finds a PI that has proven his worth, they will keep the investigator on a retainer in order to cement the relationship for all investigations.

A large number of these firms rely on the team of professional private investigators from King Investigations in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, knowing that they work according to a strict code of ethics in their industry.

The other reason for this trust is that a true professional investigator has to have a working knowledge of the law, mainly in order to be able to present evidence in court that cannot be disputed.

Unlike an attorney, lawyer or DA, a PI is not tied to his desk, which allows them to revisit the scene of a crime, review evidence and track down witnesses that may have disappeared.

The lawyer and PI work together to create a roadmap that’ll lead to exactly what type of evidence is required in each case, which is when the investigator comes into his own due to his extensive experience in his field.

The benefits attached to the relationship between attorney and investigator:

The gathering of trusted, in-depth evidence

There’s no doubt about the fact that the inherent qualities that have made the team at King Investigators the top choice for the legal profession come from their innate ability to find and assimilate information that only an expert would be able to put into workable evidence.

Sharing the burden of proof

The partnership that exists between an attorney and PI is one that places the burden of proof into the hands of the PI, which allows the attorney or DA to focus on other aspects of the case that are essential if there is to be a successful conclusion to the case for a client in court.

Cutting of costs

Billable hours are lowered for a client when a private investigator is able to speed up a case that may have dragged on for lack of solid evidence, using his experience and knowledge to bring it all together for a successful conclusion in court.

King Investigators – partners you can rely on for high value evidence

With well over ten years in the field, King Investigators are able to guarantee any client that the evidence presented at the end of an investigation will stand up to scrutiny in court, leaving the opposing lawyers with nothing to tear apart and discard.

If your attorney hasn’t already introduced you to owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, perhaps now is the time for you to have a confidential chat with him about what he and his team of professionals can do to build a watertight case on your behalf.

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