4 Main reasons individuals hire a private investigator in South Africa

The major reason any individual will hire a private investigator in South Africa is that finding evidence of wrongdoing in any scenario would be dangerous for a private citizen, especially since we don’t have the experience or the avenues available to us that private investigators do.

This is especially true when the case may involve life-threatening situations brought about through domestic abuse or infidelity. Should the family or friends get involved in trying to gather proof it’ll raise the level of risk to unacceptable heights for all involved.

It is essential that if any evidence that is gathered is to be used in court, that it be found and produced by an experienced professional private investigator, specifically so that the victim or family members not raise that threat level.

When the lives of children and spouses are at risk, it’s imperative that you hire a private investigator to protect and support you while he gathers evidence that will be irrefutable in a court of law.

Your first step should be to contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, a team of investigators you can rely on to protect your interests with consummate skill based on over ten years experience as investigators.

4 Main reasons private individuals hire a private investigator in South Africa:

Divorce & Infidelity

If your spouse is cheating on you, and you need undeniable evidence that can be produced in court, the evidence has to be of such a high standard that the opposing party cannot cast doubt on any of it, and that the judge is able to see that the evidence was gathered legally, without bending any rules.

Being involved in gambling, drug pushing or use, along with other criminal activities on the part of your spouse definitely calls for the services of professionals, those that are highly trained in ferreting out evidence that can be relied on.

Spousal & Parental Abuse

No matter how often the issue of domestic abuse by a spouse or parent is discussed in the media, highlighted by police services and others who are involved in assisting women and children that are being abused, it is still an issue that remains hidden in a vast percentage of cases.

We are all well aware of the fact that all the police services can do is to arrest and hold the abuser overnight,  and that in fact, it often takes the death of a spouse or child for them to be able to make a criminal case stick.

Evidence is what is needed, and, in many cases, the victim can and does keep record of the abuse as much as is possible, however, putting the evidence to the test and getting professional backup in the form of a private investigator, can and does lead to criminal prosecution.

Your private investigator will be able to guide and support you as evidence is gathered to be used in a divorce or child custody case, and above all, it’ll be evidence that can stand the closest scrutiny in court.

Custody of Minor Children

No matter how vicious or traumatic a custody battle is, the one thing that counts most in protecting children from a parent that may not have the best interests of the child at heart, is abusive or an addict, and even perhaps using the child as a weapon against the opposing party, the child’s rights come first!

Even a hint at child endangerment, abuse or neglect, backed up by undeniable evidence, is enough to make sure the children will be in the best hands possible.

Your private investigator knows exactly how to go about gathering the type of evidence that will assist you to protect your child from any of these situations, and it’s the foremost way to present your case to the court.

Hidden Assets

As unfortunate as it is, many a divorce becomes a battle to claim what is owed to either party in financial terms, which often leads to the hiding of assets and funds.

The only way to ensure that everything is out in the open in terms of assets and funds, is to hire a private investigator to follow the trail and provide solid evidence of assets that have been hidden, to provide you with the protection you deserve when the situation becomes acrimonious.

Irrespective of whether you need evidence in order to protect yourself and your children, make sure that you contact the registered private investigators at King Investigators. This is a team of professionals that have the necessary background, experience and knowledge that’ll be a necessity for you in such profoundly personal circumstances.

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