Partner with King Investigations to put paid to employee theft, fraud & asset misappropriation

It’s easy to get why people mostly associate private investigators with cases that involve infidelity, as well as with divorce and custody cases in which one or the other spouse is hiding assets that would benefit the other party.

The fact is that there are investigative companies such as King Investigators in South Africa that go a lot further than this, including assisting businesses with employee theft, stock theft, and fraud or asset misappropriation.

Essentially, many commercial businesses and corporations form long term close ties with the trusted team of private investigators at King Investigators as a proactive step in rooting out employee theft or other losses the company may be experiencing.

Taking proactive steps against company losses in any sense, goes a long way to protecting all that you have done to create a successful business in a challenging economic climate, and to give others employment in a dismal job market.

Prevention is better than the cure! It may be just a saying, but it’s a very true one, especially when it comes to the legalities involved in firing someone for dishonesty of any kind.

In the first place, if you want to get rid of an employee that is stealing from you, whether in product or financial theft, selling company secrets and customer data bases or taking kickbacks from suppliers, among other crimes that are prevalent in the workplace, you have to have concrete proof before you even think of involving the police or dismissing the employee outright!

The kind of evidence you need means you’ll need professional, trained private investigators to follow the trail, and go undercover if necessary, to be able to produce proof that cannot be questioned, which is exactly what the team at King Investigators are trained to do.

With over ten years experience in many different types of investigations, the team at King Investigators are highly trained veterans able to tackle everything from sensitive company information being stolen to polygraph tests and voice stress analysis stress analysis tests should they be necessary to prove guilt or innocence.

As licensed investigators, King Investigators are able to explore and access avenues of data and other information that the general public have no access to. This also means that they have the necessary analytical skill required to follow paper/tech trails of anything that is criminal, to get to the bottom of the matter and be able to pinpoint the guilty party.

Irrespective of whether yours is a major business with an extensive staff complement or one that employs only a few staff members, making sure that you have a trusted team of investigators you can rely on in a tight corner will be one of the best decisions you can make to protect your assets and even your reputation in your industry.

When you need professional investigators on your side that work from a basis of honesty and integrity, with a reputation to match, contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Johannesburg to get them into your corner in protecting your business interests!

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