Clear signals that your spouse is cheating on you

Do you suspect that your husband is cheating, or that your wife is cheating? If your sixth sense is telling you that something isn’t right, aside from the pain of facing infidelity, it’ll be hard to ignore the impact that mere suspicions will have on your relationship.

Added to this, research has proved that almost 85% of those who suspect infidelity are invariably right.

There are 3 decisions that you may want to make once you know for certain that your spouse is cheating on you, which include ending the relationship, sticking it out and hoping it’ll change, or, to try to make it work once the truth is out. It is a fact that some relationships can survive infidelity, though it is a journey you’ll both have to take together.

At some point in their lives, according to Psychology Today, studies suggest that as many as 25 percent of men and 11 percent of women will end up cheating. The author of this article goes on to say that; ‘if a relationship can survive the affair and get to the other side healing, it can become even better, but that it’ll mean a lot of hard work’.

Before taking a look at some of the most obvious signs your partner may be cheating, don’t think your partner is cheating just because he or she displays only one or two of these signs. However, if he or she is displaying more than four or five of these signs, it could be time to consider what your next steps will be.

Here are a few of the most common signs that your spouse may be cheating on you:

A red flag will be credit card statements that suddenly being hidden, which may include charges for gifts you know weren’t for you, or other unexplained expenses over and above what you know is normal

Staying later at work than ever, or leaving earlier in the morning than is usual

Taking more business trips than before

A new password lock on a cell phone or laptop that was never there before

A dead giveaway is when you find lipstick that isn’t yours on a collar or a new scent that lingers on the clothing of your spouse.

If you spouse lies or is evasive when questioned, there’s definitely something up. We’re speaking about lies that are patently obvious, leaving you in no doubt that your partner is being evasive

Joining a gym and taking far more interest in appearance and grooming than ever before.

You may face a spouse with a newly found short temper or defensiveness that is suspiciously excessive

You spouse suddenly starts receiving a lot of missed calls, which was never the case.

Your spouse may lose interest in sex or, on the other end of the scale, start wanting to try new things in the bedroom

You may decide that all you want is to set your mind at ease about your gut feelings, in which case, hiring a private detective with extensive experience in uncovering evidence of cheating is the wise choice to make.

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