Is the PI you hire up to date with social media platforms?

With the escalation in growth of social media platforms in the 21st century, any PI worth his title should know how to use the latest technology to carry out social media investigations that may be part of a larger investigation.

As things stand today, a digital footprint is made up of all the information you leave on the internet, which includes social media, the use of apps, emails and calls made via Skype.

Though you may think this history can be deleted, it can’t, as any forensic investigator will tell you, your trail is there and it’ll stay there, something many people never realise.

Your digital footprint is in essence about the same as a paper trail that used to be kept to document any interaction personally or on a business level before the advent of the internet, however, unlike documents in a paper trail, you can’t put it through the paper shredder to destroy anything that could cause you legal trouble.

A good way to change the way you’re ‘seen’ through your digital footprint is to think about what you send into cyberspace so that you’re reflected in a good light, for friends, family and even employers.

Why the focus on social media platforms?

Nothing beats social media investigations where it comes to remaining anonymous. The person under investigation won’t have a clue that they are being trailed digitally, and, for private investigators who are on the top of their game digitally speaking, social media platforms are as a good a place to start an investigation as any other.

Including in depth digging into someone’s social media trail has also helped to cut down on billable hours today, time that would otherwise be spent out in the field gathering basic, fundamental information to get an investigation underway.

Employers use social media to keep check on employees

An employer is also able use social media platforms to find out more about you and what kind of person you really are. They are able to get quite a good idea of who you really are, which means it would be better for you to think hard before posting anything online you’d rather your employer didn’t know about!

Many companies even use social media platforms to find out whether you would be a good fit as a potential employee. A private investigator can work up a really in-depth profile of who you are by carrying out a thorough social media investigation, especially because they’re able to access the internet to a greater extent than an employer can in a private capacity.

Digital information overload

Any social media platforms you use will carry the history of places you’ve visited, photographs and videos uploaded, leading to the ultimate information overload for any savvy private investigator digging deeper than on the surface of these platforms.

There’s so much evidence about your life stuck in virtual reality that it’s quite frightening, and it can never be completely erased!

Hire King Investigators for forensic social media investigations

If you need a professional you can trust to do the digging into the background of someone you suspect of wrongdoing, whether a staff member or spouse, contact King Investigators to do the on social media platforms for the type of information you need on the person under investigation. It’ll be a decision that offers information that’ll prove it priceless!

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