King Investigators provides the highest level of professionalism in the industry

Unfortunately, the world of undercover surveillance has its fair share of less than professional private investigators who’ll promise you the earth, take your money and deliver evidence that won’t give you a leg to stand on in a court of law!

The news is that this is one of the reasons that King Investigators stand by their promise to deliver evidence of any wrongdoing with integrity, supporting results with proof that can stand up to scrutiny under any circumstances, whether in civil or criminal cases.

The team at King Investigators are prime examples of commitment to excellence in the surveillance industry, proving over and over again that there are investigators in South Africa who can stand up to the toughest scrutiny and still come out on top, doing it the right way.

Over 10 years of assisting and protecting clients, both private and corporate, has made King Investigators a trusted name in the surveillance industry, proving that sheer professionalism, honesty and integrity are still of high value in an industry such as theirs.

Although based in Johannesburg and Pretoria, King Investigators are able to move into the underbelly of criminal activities or wrongdoing, and they’re able to come out of it without compromising their own values.

The standard of commitment to honesty is high at King Investigators, it has to be! Surveillance and counter-surveillance is not child’s play, in fact it can be exceptionally dangerous.

There is a strict code of ethics in the investigative industry that needs to be adhered to, in order to ensure that any proof gathered during an investigation is irrefutable and untarnished by dishonesty.

With owner Jacques Botha at the helm, King Investigators is a results-driven investigations company, committed to offering the kind of service that won’t pad the account of any client with expenses that are either unnecessary or fictitious.

Using the latest in technology, King Investigators is tackles every investigative challenge you can think of, from that of providing proof that a spouse is cheating, to that of evidence of employee theft.

With the right technology, King Investigators will sweep your vehicle, office and home for any evidence of tampering that could mean that someone is spying on you, a valuable service in our tech age.

The same can be done to ensure that computers are free of spyware, which is something we seldom expect but need to take seriously in this insidious age when trolls on the internet have a wide-open field for spying on your business or on your private life, right under your nose.

King Investigators is about far more than living up to their reputation as the top private investigators in South Africa, the reach of this team extends further, to many clients abroad, who have long relied on them for results delivered with complete transparency and integrity.

With clients in major corporations, top law firms and insurance companies, to name a few King Investigators is equipped to deal with any field of investigation, on any level.

King Investigators are crack polygraph testing and lie detection experts in South Africa, assisting both individuals and businesses to protect them when things go wrong and no one else can get to the truth of a matter.

As a full-service investigative company, evidence for divorces, proof of infidelity, tracing missing persons and voice stress analysis all form part of a normal days work at King Investigators.

It’s not easy to bring in a private investigator, whether you suspect a spouse of infidelity or a partner of fraud, but King Investigators approach each investigation with such experience and tact that clients approaching them are quickly put at ease.

The best suggestion when you need the services of a private investigator is to make sure you’re dealing with true professionals who are licensed investigators and have already earned a trusted name in their industry.

Contact Jacques at King Investigators for any information you may need and you rely on the fact that no matter what your questions may be, you’ll be in the best hands to keep everything spoken of completely confidential and secure!


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