Choose the largest network of seasoned PI’s in South Africa to handle your investigation for a successful outcome

King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town offers you the largest network of seasoned investigators, operating as a full-service investigative company, bringing to any investigation, no matter how big or small, more than ten years experience in the industry.

As licensed investigators, this team is able to follow avenues of information and data collection the average man in the street cannot do, which means that you can rely on these professionals to follow every scent on the trail to uncover the evidence you may need to rely on for a court case if necessary.

King Investigators have, after closing hundreds of cases involving infidelity, earned the reputation for being the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and, in our ever-evolving technological age, infidelity has become one of the top reasons individuals take the step to hire a PI.

Along the same lines, though it isn’t in the least a romantic sounding proposition, a lot of private individuals who are starting a new romantic relationship hire a private investigator to do an in-depth background check on their new love interest, purely as a way of protecting themselves in the long run.

While we still have stars in our eyes about a new relationship, the last thing you want is to find that your love interest is married, is abusive or is involved with drugs or other criminal activities. For this reason it’s worth protecting not only your heart, but in some cases your finances and even your life.

A lot of princesses and princes turn into monsters once they’ve dug their claws too deep into your heart and life, so make sure you protect yourself by hiring a PI to do the digging for you, before it’s too late!

If you have children, this becomes even more important, especially when people target single parents just to get to their children, who deserve our utmost protection, no matter how uncomfortable it may be to hire a private investigator for deeply personal times such as these.

As a full-service investigative firm in South Africa, the team of professionals at King Investigators are able to take on a vast range of investigative services. These range from insurance claims investigations, employee theft investigations, due diligence services, polygraph testing and tracing missing people, to name but a few.

This is a team that isn’t shy to remain on the cutting edge of new technology as it becomes available to assist with investigations. The benefit of technology is that it not only cuts down on time spent on an investigation, it also means great financial benefits and a quick resolution to your case.

From the moment you contact owner Jacques Botha at King Investigators, you’ll find that you’re dealing with people that are well above board in their dealings, making sure they work within your budget and still deliver quality evidence at the conclusion of the case.

They are fully committed to providing you with swift results and final investigative reports containing incontrovertible proof that you can take to court in full confidence that it will stand up to any scrutiny!

Contact King Investigators today to make absolutely certain that your investigation with have a successful conclusion you can rely on 100%!


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