Leave tracing missing people up to the professionals at King Investigators

There are as many reasons that people go missing as there are different types of people in the world, and, when someone goes missing, whether it’s a family member or someone trying to avoid facing a civil case, you need a professional on your side to have a successful outcome to the tracing of the missing person.

The team at King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town have an immense amount of experience in locating missing loved ones, relatives you’ve lost contact with or even catching up with old school friends. Whatever the reason you need someone traced, King Investigators will assist you to get the right groundwork laid for tracing a missing person.

This groundwork will include all the information you have about the person that is missing, information that includes anything such as career or schooling information, date of birth or ID number, old acquaintances and other names of relatives in extended families.

Of course, because every tracing case is unique, according to Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, he and his team of professional PI’s may need to get out into the field to further any hint of a trail in an effort to provide you with a satisfactory outcome ultimately.

Aside from the respected reputation this team has earned for itself as a top investigative company in South Africa, they’ve also built up a very important and necessary network of other professionals who are able to assist them in different fields during tracing, including tracing for international investigative companies.

This works both ways, in that if someone has left a trail that leads overseas, King Investigators have the international experience to follow that trail, as well as being able to assist people from around the world to locate people that may have gone missing in South Africa.

People sometimes go missing as a result of a personal decision or because they’re involved in illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, child trafficking or gun running, for instance.

There are also often a range of mental health issues behind the disappearance of people, especially in the case of elderly people suffering with Alzheimer’s or others with drug or substance abuse issues, making it a pretty wide open field when it comes to tracing someone.

Unfortunately kidnapping and abduction also fill the case files for the team at King Investigators, however, with the experience and training these expert investigators have to back them up, they go all the way in making sure that no stone is unturned in tracing missing people, irrespective of the reasons behind the case.

A terrifying situation for many families is when a child is abducted by a parent and taken out of the country, however, the knowledge and network the team at King Investigators has at their disposal allows them to take the case further than an already overloaded, understaffed police service is able to.

Its important to note that, as a registered investigative company with the PSiRA, which is the governing body of their industry, this team will do nothing illegal to compromise evidence by going outside of the law, all it means is they have more leeway than the police services do in certain areas.

Only by collecting evidence on a missing person in a way that puts honesty and integrity above making a buck can you rest assured that whatever evidence is turned up by King Investigators will stand up to scrutiny in court, if this will be the case.

Contact Jacques and his team at King Investigators today to lay the groundwork for tracing a missing person the right way!

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