For evidence of wrongdoing delivered with integrity, contact King Investigators

Being a full-service investigative company, King Investigators are able to carry out a full range of investigative services, whether for individuals or for businesses, with the ability to tackle virtually any type of investigation possible.

As a result of this and the reputation for excellence this highly trained team has earned over the years, King Investigators has become one of the most reputable private investigators in South Africa, which is easy for you to ascertain for yourself by asking for references.

As one of the top investigative companies in South Africa, this team is also able to carry out international investigations as far afield as Brazil and Argentina, as well as going across borders to investigate cases in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique and Swaziland.

This team has the integrity to be able to deliver accurate results without padding expense accounts or wasting time to up the cost of the investigation, and they do it all with a commitment to sticking to the legal guidelines of their profession.

Aside from the reputation for reliability and trustworthiness earned by King Investigators, they are also registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body that oversees the conduct of private investigators, ensuring that you are protected from unscrupulous investigators that will take you for a ride and leave you empty handed.

This is a team of investigators that won’t compromise in order to deliver evidence that is factual, nor will they resort to any underhanded and illegal tactics to deliver evidence that won’t stand up in court.

When King Investigators hands you evidence at the conclusion of your case, you can be absolutely certain that, if need be, the evidence will stand up to scrutiny in court.

If you hire the wrong investigator you could end up with more than egg on your face, you’ll be out of pocket, and, if the evidence is gathered using tactics such as entrapment, invasion of privacy or misrepresentation, you’ll find the evidence thrown out of court and quite possibly landing you in hot water with the judge.

Here is a quick look at just a few types of investigations this team is able to undertake on your behalf:

  • In-depth background checks
  • Polygraph testing & voice stress analysis testing
  • Tracing missing persons
  • Proof of infidelity and cheating
  • Background checks on potential business partners or investors
  • Criminal cases
  • Undercover surveillance
  • Investigating veracity of insurance claims…and more!

These investigations cannot be carried out by private individuals due to the fact that they don’t have access to certain data that would be important for a specific case.

The team at King Investigators have the necessary skill, training and experience to be able to analyse data that could lead to convicting someone of fraud, a crime or to bring to light hidden assets in a divorce case.

Should you be facing a situation that would lead you to hire a private investigator in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, you can put your trust in King Investigators to carry out an investigation on your behalf that will leave you with evidence that cannot be denied!

Contact King Investigators to find out more about what they can do to assist you with a personal or business investigation!

Should a time come when you require the services of professional private investigators committed to a strict code of ethics and high level of professional integrity, make King Investigators your first call, to ensure that the results you receive will be above reproach on every level!

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