Is It Illegal to Hire a PI?

There is a lot of illegality involved if you end up hiring a fraudster posing as a private investigator, and if you need the evidence he has gathered for a court case, you’re going to be out of pocket and the evidence will be worth nothing.

Based on this, you may wonder, is it illegal to hire a PI? Provided that you hire a seasoned professional, you will be doing nothing illegal at all.  

This is a profession that goes back a century or two, and, today private investigators are highly trained to undertake a variety of investigations, which makes them nothing like the slouches you see in the movies, who do everything they shouldn’t!

Is it illegal to hire a PI?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal to hire a private investigator!

Let’s introduce you to bona fide, experienced, and trusted private investigators who are the mainstay of King Investigators in Johannesburg. Heading up King Investigators is registered private investigator Jacques Botha.

Although Jacques and his team of highly skilled investigators consider no case off-limits, you can rest assured that these guys play by the rules in any investigation they undertake.

There are certain standards that must be met before any private investigator and his company can be registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body of the security industry, and, this team meets them all.

The PSiRA is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, which is there to make sure that private investigators observe to the letter all that is expected of them as professionals, and they’re also there to protect clients, should there be any need for recourse if their case is handled badly.

Doing it the right way at King Investigators!

Jacques and his team at King Investigators have been in the industry for well over a decade now, earning a reputation for integrity and honesty that makes them the go-to team for corporate companies, law firms, insurance firms and individuals.

This is one team that understands how much evidence can be lost by doing the wrong thing during an investigation, such as misrepresentation, invasion of privacy or entrapment.

In order to deliver incontrovertible evidence to their clients, Jacques and his team have expert legal knowledge that assures you of evidence that will stand up to scrutiny, whether in a divorce case or fraud case.

Full-service private investigations

If you really want value for your money, then King Investigations is the best place for you to start. More often than not, an investigation can include undercover surveillance along with data analysis, such as in the case of a cheating spouse who may be hiding assets.

Undercover surveillance gathers the proof that your spouse is cheating, and, sifting through reams of data and analysing it correctly, can ensure that you won’t get short-changed in a divorce.

No case is beyond the skills and experience that King Investigations brings to any investigation, whether investigating employee theft, infidelity or fraud.

From South Africa to South America!

With an exceptional ability to work under pressure, Jacques has the level of experience you’d like on your side in any investigation, whether criminal or civil.

Over the years, he and his team have been involved in high risk investigations that have taken them as far as Argentina and Brazil, and they’re still here to tell the story!

King Investigations also carries out investigations in Sub-Saharan countries like Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and Mozambique, keeping their hand in play with superb skill and experience.

Contact King Investigators today, if working with honest investigators that value integrity gives you the peace of mind to trust them with your case, whether as an individual or business.

This is the one private investigations firm in South Africa that you can trust to act legally on your behalf!


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