If you suspect infidelity, it may be time to hire a private investigator

One of the most emotionally devastating, stressful and damaging experiences that can occur in any relationship, is to suspect or discover that your spouse is cheating on you. The uncertainty that surrounds the mere suspicion of infidelity by your partner or spouse is painful and confusing.

Merely suspecting your partner or spouse of cheating is the beginning of a breakdown in trust, a trust that is rarely fixed by protestations of innocence by your spouse.

Cheating is also one of the main reasons behind our high divorce rates, and, once you suspect infidelity, it’s difficult to reign in the highly charged emotions that arise but are not yet based on fact, making it even more difficult to know what to do about it.

In our high-tech mobile world it’s become even easier to get away with cheating. All it really takes is to step out to take or make a call on a cell phone and keep that phone password protected; in fact anything that is on computer or any mobile device can be password protected.

If you have a deep sense of suspicion that your partner is cheating, saving yourself from the heartache of protracted uncertainty is going to require proof, especially if your spouse has tried to make you feel that you’re imagining things. And, if its marriage headed for divorce, you’re going to need good legal backup.

Ultimately it means that you’re going to have to take the huge leap into the unknown and hire a private detective to get the proof you need the right way.

Trying to gather evidence on your own, or getting friends and family involved is going to get you nowhere if you need it for divorce proceedings. Evidence has to be gathered professionally, within the law, if it is to be of any value in either a divorce or custody case.

King Investigators is owned by Jacques Botha, and, as the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, with over ten years’ worth of experience in gathering information on cheating spouses, he and his team of investigators will make sure that they get to the truth, leaving no stone unturned in order to provide you with proof that will be incontrovertible.

Based on extensive knowledge in criminal and civil investigations, King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg has been involved in many high risk investigations around the globe, reaching from South Africa to Switzerland, Brazil and Argentina, as well as in Mozambique and Swaziland to Namibia.

With this high level of international experience, King Investigators understands how difficult and painful it is for anyone to reach out for proof of infidelity. Based on this level of understanding, this team of investigators has the sensitivity necessary to communicate with clients who are dealing with a devastating situation.

Hiring a registered, reputable private investigator such as King Investigators also means that you can rely on them to work with you to establish a plan of action for the investigation that’ll provide them with evidence that is tailored to the your budget and requirements.

If the evidence proves that your spouse is cheating, words none of us even want to think about, you’ll be needing that evidence when it comes to a court case involving divorce and child custody. In which case you may also need King Investigators to investigate and prove the withholding of hidden assets to add strength to your case.

This team has worked on thousands of cases involving cheating spouses, and with their specialist experience in covert surveillance, will provide video and still photos, which will also be backed up with a professional report, to cover evidence not captured on photo or video.

Contact King Investigators if you feel strong enough to find out whether or not your spouse is cheating, your investigator from this team of professionals will help you to negotiate these uncharted waters in absolute confidence.

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