How to make sure you don’t hire a PI that’ll take you for a ride

Whether we hire a bricklayer, builder, doctor or roofing specialist, the first thing we do is to check his credentials, and, the same definitely applies to the decision to hire a respected private investigator in South Africa.

You’ll need to do your own share of investigations into PI’s before you hire one, and, knowing which questions to ask each as you check them out will be of great assistance. Your investigation is essential you want a PI who is above-board and will only provide you with evidence gathered legally and is irrefutable!

Keep these questions handy as you make your way to the best PI in South Africa:

How much experience has he had in the field

You’ll find that most of the best PI’s come from a background in law enforcement, which is always a good indication that he has experience on his side. It’s important to note that no amount of education can make up for real experience on the ground. You need to know he has experience in undercover surveillance, since it can be dangerous, to him and to you, if the person under surveillance becomes aware of his presence. Only experience can give him the ability to blend in while on the case.

Check out whether he is licensed and registered

Protect yourself by making sure you only look into private investigators who are licensed, and, who are registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body for the security industry in South Africa. This is for your own protection, so that you have recourse should you be taken for a ride or misled in any way.

Owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha, is a registered Private Investigator and has run his investigative firm for over ten years now, splitting his time between criminal and civil investigations in South Africa, across its borders and internationally. This is the type of information that will be of value to you when you need to hire the best!

Ask about the costs you may be facing

There are certain PI’s that’ll pad expense accounts with unnecessary and false expenses, however, when you speak to King Investigators about possible costs, you’ll find these investigators open and above-board about the cost effectiveness of their investigations. There are many ways in which this team can work a case around your budget and still produce evidence that can be relied on to stand up in court.

Jacques will point out ways in which the costs can be cut, especially when you add in the fact that he uses state of the art technology in his investigations, which can also cut costs.

Talking about state of the art technology…

Jacques and his team at King Investigators provide an outstanding service by keeping up to date with and using state of the art technology to achieve quality results faster than ever before, which means that they can stick to their word about not wasting your time or money on an investigation!

Ask about whether the PI has a working knowledge of the law

If the evidence you’re after is going to be used in court, then it’s essential for you to make sure that your PI has a working knowledge of the law. This is important in that if he doesn’t have this knowledge there could be a high probability he could gathering evidence illegally and deliver proof that won’t stand up to scrutiny in court. Private Investigators are not above the law!

Give Jacques and his team at King Investigators a call today, and you’ll find that this top investigative firm checks all the right boxes, especially if you’d rather deal with a PI that values honesty, integrity and professionalism above all!

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