How to Trace a Long Lost Relative Quickly

If you’ve been wanting to reconnect with a long-lost relative or friend, you probably already know that there are a few things you need to take into account before you tackle tracing him or her.

It may also be someone you’ve last seen in high school and you’d like to catch up after years apart, or perhaps to reconnect with a long lost romantic partner to find out how they’re doing. Perhaps you’ve lost touch with an adult child or parent after a falling out and would like to reunite and make amends.

No matter who you may want to find or reconnect with, tracing someone on your own isn’t something done easily, which is why we’ve covered a few steps you could take to start out on your search.

  1. Gather information

You’ll find that information is going to trump any other way you may think of trying when you begin trying to trace someone.

It’ll be good to gather as much information from as many sources as possible to start off with. Trying to remember or find details like where they were born, their date of birth, middle initials, last known location, career information, hobbies as well as details regarding their personality such as quirks, likes and dislikes. Even the smallest detail could be a great help in tracing someone.

2. Start with search engines and social media platforms

With as much information on hand regarding the person you are looking for, start with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, you’d be amazed at the wealth of information gathered by the internet, even on individuals.

Another excellent place to start would be on social networking sites, such as Facebook, which has over a billion users globally, making them the biggest search engine by far and a good place to start. You can look for someone using their name, location and even a group like their graduating class from high school or athletics team.

3. Hire a private investigator

If, after all of this, you still haven’t made headway, the next step would be to hire a private investigator, and a decent one, with the right credentials won’t charge you a fortune either if you’re hesitant to do so on the basis of finances.

King Investigators in Gauteng has a team with the training, experience, skill and tools necessary to find people who have gone missing. Here it’s also vital to provide them with as much information as possible to make tracing the person a viable investigation to tackle.

Even a team this professional needs a few clues from which to start tracing missing people or long lost friends and family!

If you want the real deal, and to know that you’ve done all you can to find someone, then contact King Investigators today for a chat about where to next.


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