How Much Does a Cheating Investigator Cost?

Once you’ve moved past the pain of facing the possibility that your spouse is cheating on you, at least to the point where you’re ready to face the truth, whatever it may be, you’ll want answers to the question; how much does a cheating investigator cost?


A lot depends on how the investigation will be run and other factors, which will be discussed at your first meeting with the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa at King Investigators.


Chatting to owner and registered private investigator, Jacques Botha, will be easier than you may imagine, as you head into this challenging and uncharted territory.


You can rely on the fact that, as professionals with going on 14 years experience in the field of cheating spouses, Jacques and his team know full well just how tough this experience will be for you emotionally.


With this knowledge and the experience of having carried out thousands of cheating spouse investigations, King Investigators will treat you with the sensitivity you’re going to need as they leave no stone unturned to find out whether you are, in fact, being cheated on.


How much does a cheating investigator cost?


There are a few factors that will determine what a cheating investigator will cost, including but not limited to:


  • How many investigators will need to be on your case, especially when it comes to following someone who may suspect that they’re under investigation, most often brought on by guilt!


  • How complicated or straightforward the undercover surveillance will need to be


  • In general, undercover surveillance will involve billable hours as well as being billed for mileage covered


  • If travel is involved, you could be looking at flight costs, car rental costs and accommodation costs, especially if the PI has to follow someone across borders, either in neighbouring Southern African countries or overseas.


What makes King Investigators worth it?


Jacques and his team of skilled investigators work hard to bring results in quickly and within budget, using state of the art technology in order to lower costs.


It’s all about bringing in cost effective investigations at competitive private investigator rates when it comes to King Investigators. As PSiRA registered investigators, you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with consummate professionals committed to delivering guaranteed results.


The evidence you receive at the conclusion of the investigation


King Investigators will provide you with time-stamped video evidence of any cheating, along with time-stamped photos, accompanied by a written report that sums up every move of your spouse that could not be captured on video or photo.


If you need the evidence for a divorce case, you can trust in the fact that whatever evidence is delivered to you by King Investigators will stand up to scrutiny in court.


Surveillance is a speciality at King Investigators, ensuring that you are kept safe in the knowledge that they know exactly how to remain undetected by the subject under investigation, and, your confidential information remains just that; confidential!


Contact King Investigators for a free confidential consultation!

If you’re feeling a little shaky about hiring a private investigator to prove whether or not your spouse is a cheater, give Jacques a call for a free confidential consultation that will give you the peace of mind you’ll need to face the truth, whatever it may be.

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