Here’s why attorneys retain the services of trusted private investigators

Having a good relationship with a trusted, professional private investigator assists an attorney to gather evidence to make a solid case when they represent clients in court.

Law enforcement can only go so far before an investigation is halted as a result of restrictions placed on their actions. This is when a private investigator is called in to obtain evidence the police aren’t allowed to pursue without warrants.

Private investigators are not above the law, however, they do have more latitude then the police do in the course of compiling enough evidence with which to charge anyone guilty of criminal offenses.

An attorney always has more than one case on the go, which is why they will retain a private investigator they can trust, to do the legwork they can’t do themselves.  The attorney and private investigator share a common goal in accumulating all the evidence that’s required to prove or disprove any case before the court.

In a criminal case, the evidence laid out before the court needs to be of such a high standard that it can establish reasonable doubt, allowing the attorney to prove that the person accused is not guilty of committing the crime for which they are being tried.

Why attorneys work with private investigators

  • Finding details & locating witnesses missed during an initial investigation

Private investigators are required to have an understanding of the legalities associated with investigating for a criminal defence. They need to have a clear understanding the case and the charges being brought, which becomes their guideline for what to look for in terms of evidence that may be presented by the prosecution.

A private investigator will take this discovery, as it’s called in the legal parlance, work through every aspect of the evidence provided, painstakingly combing through police reports, photos, witness statements, copies of evidence and more, in order to find any holes in the material presented.

Going over witness statements and re-interviewing witnesses where necessary, can often lead to changes in statements. It can also uncover any ulterior motives on the part of the witness to mislead the initial investigators, which will be invaluable for the defence team.

In the same vein, by the time a private investigator gets involved in a criminal case, they may be able to find witnesses that did not come forward during the initial stages of a police investigation.

  • Private investigators remain objective & understand legalities involved in criminal cases

When an attorney is ready to present the case of a defendant to the court, the evidence examined, scrutinised and added to by further investigation is then presented from an impartial point of view by a professional investigator, one who understands the nuances of the laws involved in presenting evidence.

The presentation of tainted or illegally gathered evidence has resulted in a loss for the defence, yet another of the major reasons attorneys work with trusted, experienced and licensed private investigators.

Attorneys know that an experienced, highly trained private investigator understands the importance of gathering and the maintenance of the chain of custody during an investigation, ultimately presenting criminal defense attorneys with evidence that is irrefutable.

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