What you need to know before hiring a PI in South Africa

The only difference between crime and dishonesty from days of old to today, is that with the growth of technology, sophistication is the name of the game for anyone with a criminal or dishonest bent.

As much as technology has enhanced life and business today, it has also given rise to a whole new level of crime, which includes online stalking and intimidation, falsification of identities and education levels, as well as a massive increase in data theft and fraud of every kind.

As in most countries worldwide, the police services in South Africa are desperately undermanned and work under tremendous strain to keep up with the different forms of crime today, especially because they are held to rules that often make it difficult to make a case stick.

With legal constraints that hamper their investigations and ability to charge individuals with crimes, the police often need the assistance of a PI to assist them to gather further evidence that can then result in an arrest, along with evidence that can be used in court.

While private investigators are also bound by a strict code of ethics, they are still able to access information and dig deeper than local law enforcement can without having warrants.

Ethics are essential if a PI is to work with the police services or for anyone else. If ethics, transparency, honesty and an excellent reputation for working within legal guidelines in collecting evidence don’t describe the private investigator you’ve hired, or plan to hire, you will be barking up the wrong tree.

Ultimately, working with a PI that has low standards in all these areas is a recipe for disaster for you as client, especially if they gather evidence outside of the legal boundaries.

If you’re looking for the best, with a longstanding reputation for honesty and integrity, look no further than the team at King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town!

The reason that King Investigators can guarantee evidence that will stand up to scrutiny in court is because, as licensed private investigators, they are fully committed to remaining within the law when gathering evidence, and staying within the guidelines of the PSiRA, which is the governing body that oversees the security industry in South Africa.

A few details you need to know before hiring a private investigator in South Africa:

Range of Investigative Services

There are private investigators that specialise only in fields such as business intelligence and fraud investigations, or those that specialise in cyber crimes, which means you need to make sure that the PI you hire is able to tackle your specific type of case.

If you need a cheating spouse detective, for instance, you’ll need to make sure that he not only has the experience to carry out undercover surveillance and the analytical skills to follow the trail of assets that have been hidden, especially if it’s for a divorce case.

You will be best served by an investigator that can carry out a full range of investigative services that cross over into various other areas that may be needed in the course of an investigation.

Should you choose to work with a well-respected investigative firm like King Investigators in South Africa, you’ll find that you’re dealing with a professional, full-service Private Investigative firm that considers no case off limits.

Will your Confidential Information be Protected?

You need to be absolutely sure that all your confidential information will be protected and kept in a secure location, so that no one trying to steal information from the investigators office is able to get to it to render your case useless.

Will you be kept updated about the progress of the investigation?

If you’re dealing with a seasoned professional, you should be able to rely on him keeping you fully updated during the course of the investigation, and that he will keep an open line of communication with you throughout so that you aren’t kept in the dark.

Is your PI up to date with state of the art technology?

If the private investigator you’re considering hiring isn’t fully up to date with the very latest in investigative technology you’ll be at a great disadvantage.

Technology plays a big role in the ability of a PI to present incontrovertible evidence and, it even assists in speeding up the investigation, which can ultimately cost you less in the long run.

Is the PI licensed and registered with the PSiRA

In the first place, the PI has to be licensed to operate professionally, so make sure this is the case. It’s also important to establish whether or not he is registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body for the security industry in South Africa.

This body is there to protect both the investigator and yourself, should you come across an unscrupulous PI who may fleece you and produce evidence that is illegally gathered and of no use at all.

Will the PI have the perseverance to leave no stone unturned?

You definitely want to hire a private investigator in South Africa that’ll leave no stone unturned in making sure that at the end of the investigation you’ll have quality evidence that brings everything hidden to light!

This is the time to ask the PI for references. If he doesn’t seem to keen on this, cut your losses and look elsewhere.

Choose the best private investigators in South Africa

You’ll be saving yourself a lot of time if you start your search for a top PI in South Africa by contacting Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators. This is one company that meets all the above requirements and more, and above all, one that will make sure you have credible evidence that’ll help you put together a watertight case!

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