Are you ready to institute pre-employment polygraph testing to protect your business interests?

It has become common business practice these days for owners to take a proactive approach towards protecting their businesses from criminal elements they may inadvertently hire, on the basis of a manufactured CV, by hiring a private investigator to carry out pre-employment polygraph testing on potential employees.

It’s certainly one of the best preventative measures you could take to ensure that you’re hiring the right person, though of course this can’t be said to be infallible, there’s always one that may slip through the net.

That said though, if potential employees know that they’re going to be going through an in-depth background check that’ll also involve a polygraph test, it’ll already weed out the ones you don’t want ahead of interviews.

Once you’re faced with employee theft, whether of goods or money, more often than not, because you can’t just fire an employee without proof, you’re going to sit with that employee until you’ve exhausted the legal route to get rid of them.

Employee theft of every type is increasing year on year, especially with the damage that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an already crippled economy, and with a massive increase in unemployment, which is costing businesses millions every year in South Africa.

Why are businesses turning to pre-employment polygraph testing?

Gut feelings are out & reality is in!

We’d all still like to trust what our gut feelings tell us when we meet someone we may employ, however, especially when it comes to employing staff for sensitive positions in bookkeeping for instance, gut feelings have had to take a backseat to the reality of in-depth background checks and pre-employment polygraph tests in an effort to cut down on employee theft and other criminal activities.

The need to know the full story behind the CV is essential!

It’s a fact that, rather than to take a dishonest employee to court, a lot of businesses will simply let the employee go, and, though they won’t have a glowing recommendation, there won’t be any mark there to tell you that you’re actually dealing with a criminal.

This makes it essential to know exactly who you’re dealing with before letting anyone into your business.

Crime syndicates, technology & manipulated CV’s!

There’s no doubt that technology has given crime syndicates targeting specific industries a new doorway into corrupting staff in sensitive positions, such as those that work in R&D, patenting, important company data and customer data bases.

These crime syndicates pay top dollar for information they can then sell to the opposition or competition, causing a ripple effect of damage to many companies that are in any event, just staying afloat in the current economic conditions!

Getting someone into your business to do the crime isn’t that difficult, if all you do is go on the face value of a CV, however, these can be manipulated to make false information appear real, and, when you call supposed references, what you really get on the other end of the line is a member of the syndicate putting the final touch to their criminal plans.

High-risk behaviour that can damage your business & reputation

No one can afford to hire an alcoholic, drug addict, child abuser or someone guilty of sexual misconduct, because at some point this will come back on you and the reputation of your business.

Rather than take the chance you may be lucky enough to employ one of the above that doesn’t get exposed, you owe it to yourself and your business success to protect your interests by making pre-employment polygraph testing and in-depth background checks a rule, rather than the exception.

Call in the polygraph experts from King Investigators in South Africa!

As highly trained, skilled private investigators, with more than ten years in the industry, the team at King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, will be more than happy to give you confidential guidance on where to begin making sure you cover all your bases in protecting your business with pre-employment polygraph testing.

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