Do you need a private investigator that can cross borders on a case?

Well-established networks with other professionals in the world of private investigations, along with extensive experience, are fundamental qualities you need from a PI who will need to tackle your case if it’s on an international and local basis.

In general, because of the nature of travel today, a majority of international private investigators form ad-hoc partnerships with other professionals across the globe, so that each can act as support when a subject under investigation travels extensively in South Africa and across her borders.

This would be necessary in a case such as following a spouse they suspect is cheating on them during their travels, and, in terms of international investigators, they often need to team up with a South African PI on the basis that he knows more about the customs of his country than his counterpart may know.

A private investigator from the UK or America will find it tough going to keep a subject under surveillance in South Africa, by the mere fact that local cultures and customs are far removed from that of a city like New York or London.

Certain areas in South Africa are dangerous to enter, and only a local PI will know how to blend in to enter these areas without endangering their lives in the process of carrying out undercover surveillance.

Because South Africa has an extremely diverse culture, and with each culture sticking to their own customs, suburbs and general hangouts, it will be close on impossible for an outsider to carry out an investigation on his own, without a local counterpart.

When undercover surveillance plays a major role in the investigation, the chance of success will rest in the ability of the investigator to blend in to the surroundings in such a way that no one will notice him.

For all these reasons, many top international investigators rely on King Investigators to carry out investigations in South Africa in their behalf, knowing that they can be confident that this team of top investigators will be able to produce results and evidence of the highest quality.

This is only possible for the team at King Investigators due to the experience this team has had over ten years in the field, in their professionalism and expertise in undercover surveillance.

Having had to tackle his own fair share of high risk investigations in countries as diverse as Brazil, Argentina, Swaziland, Mozambique and other sub-Saharan countries, owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, has been exposed to a unique insight into customs that are very different to those in South Africa.

The dissemination of information and the ability to take an analytical tack on every piece of information dug up, is what separates Jacques and his team from most other private investigators south of the equator.

It is the combination of all these abilities and skill sets he and his team of registered private investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape that has earned them a reputation for being able to multitask on every type of investigation that crosses their desk.

If you want the best private investigators in South Africa on your side, no matter where the case may take them, give Jacque a call for a confidential consultation that will set the wheels in motion for a professional investigation that will deliver results without wasting time or money!

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