Do you need a PI able to investigate a case both locally & internationally?

Intensive training, experience and established networking with other professionals in the world of private investigators are the three most fundamental qualities you should be looking for in a PI, whether for local investigations or international investigations.

Many international private investigators build relationships of trust with other professionals across the globe, acting as support when the subject under investigation travels regularly to different continents.

As an example;

Should a spouse suspect that their partner is cheating on them on trips overseas, having a trusted relationship with a private investigator on the ground means that he knows more about the customs of his particular country than his counterpart may know.

This means that the investigation will be carried out in a sequence of continuity that benefits both the local and international investigator in bringing a case to a successful conclusion.

A private investigator from America, for instance, is going to find it tough going to keep a subject under surveillance by the mere fact that the South African cultures and customs are far removed from that of a city like New York.

It’s essential that a PI following up leads in South Africa knows about where the most dangerous areas are, and will also know how to enter these areas to keep a subject under surveillance without endangering their own life in the process.

South Africa also has an exceptionally diverse culture, with each culture sticking to their own customs, suburbs and general hangouts, which makes it very difficult for an outsider to deal with during an ongoing investigation.

If surveillance of the subject is at the forefront of the investigation, the only ingredient to success will be the ability of the investigator to blend in to the surroundings so well that no one would even pay him any attention.

This is an essential undercover surveillance ability, because if at any point the subject under investigation realises that he or she is being watched, the investigation will be compromised, and more than likely brought to an anticlimactic ending.

It is for all these reasons that many of the top international investigative firms rely on King Investigators to conduct surveillance on their behalf in South Africa, confident that this team is able to produce results that are based on their experience, professionalism, surveillance expertise and the ability to think on their feet in pursuit of quality evidence.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has used over ten years of experience to tackle more than just a few high risk cases as far afield as Mozambique, Brazil, Swaziland, Lesotho and Argentina, giving him unique insight into customs that are very different to those in South Africa.

Jacques will tell you that aside from needing to have an exceptional ability to disseminate information and analyse it, he and his team of registered private investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria have earned their reputation through their ability to multitask on every type of investigation that crosses their desk.

If you need more than the best private investigator on your side, this side of the pond or the other, then calling Jacques for a confidential chat is going to set the tone for a discreet, professional investigation to begin.

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