Contact King Investigators for investigative services that deliver trusted results, every time!

With a team that brings over ten years worth of experience on the ground to any investigation, King Investigators brings an exceptional level of skill to any investigation they undertake, whether for a business or a private individual.

This team produces evidence of a crime or wrongdoing without beating around the bush, and they bring nothing less than incontrovertible evidence together at the conclusion of any investigation. This team gets to the bottom of every case, without compromising the investigation with unprofessional or illegal tactics.

This is a team that is trusted to carry out investigations for overseas investigators who are not familiar with the lay of the land in South Africa. An investigator has to know the people, cultures and customs of this country in order to know where to go and how to deal with challenges that come with undercover surveillance.

Keeping up with the latest in techniques and technology in their field is important to this team, who work continuously to remain on the cutting edge of technology, especially the kind that cuts down on time spent in the field and, as a result, also cuts down on expenses for the client.

The team at King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, is able to move on a case at a moment’s notice if need be, and, they are fully committed to remaining available and in contact with a client for the duration of an investigation, so that you don’t have to wonder whether the investigation is moving or not!

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, is a licensed private investigator with well over ten years experience in the field, and, the ability he and his team has to think on their feet, and to adapt accordingly as circumstances change on the ground, especially when it involves undercover surveillance, will give you the confidence to trust them with any investigation you have in mind.

King Investigators has formed long-term working relationships with many companies, legal firms and insurance companies, based on their dedication to producing quality evidence that is delivered with honesty and integrity.

The report you receive at the conclusion of the investigation will include time-stamped photos and videos, backed up by a written report detailing activities not caught on camera, and, this is evidence that you can take to court with absolute confidence, knowing that the other party will not be able to rip it apart, or have it thrown out of court, under any circumstances!

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, then this is the team you want on your side, as the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa!

King Investigators will tackle everything from in-depth background checks, business intelligence services, polygraph testing and due diligence services, proving that this is truly a full-service investigative company of the highest order!

Irrespective of why you would want to hire a private investigator, make sure you contact this reputable company to guide you through territory you may be unfamiliar with! You can expect nothing less than down to earth honesty from King Investigators, from the start of your case to its conclusion!

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