Choose the best when it comes to undercover investigations in South Africa

If you need to hire a private investigator in South Africa and only the best will do, make King Investigators in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria your first call, especially if your case will involve undercover surveillance.

Headed by Jacques Botha, a licensed PI, King Investigators bring to many years worth of experience in undercover surveillance, the kind of experience that can only be gained by being on the ground, which is where skill meets sensibility to create a successful undercover operation.

This team of skilled investigators have reached the top of their field in South Africa through their absolute commitment to professionalism and an inbred ability to turn over ever rock in pursuit of the truth, and in terms of undercover experience, few can beat this team.

There are more than just one or two skill sets that need to come into play in terms of tactics that can be used in undercover surveillance, one false move and the subject under investigation will be alerted to the fact that they are under surveillance, which is why the ability to think on their feet and make snap decisions to keep the investigation going is essential to the team at King Investigators.

As consummate professionals, the team at King Investigators work from a position of having a working knowledge of the law, as well sticking to the industry standards that govern the way in which evidence is collected, since this is essential if evidence presented in court is to hold any water.

The reputation earned by King Investigators over the years means that you’ll have the best on your case, and that the quality of evidence gathered will meet with industry standards as enforced by the PSiRA, which is the governing body that oversees the security industry in South Africa.

This team knows that if evidence is gathered by breaking laws, such as trespassing, entrapment or misrepresentation and invasion of privacy, it will be of no value to you as a client, which would go completely against their code of conduct and ethics.

The most essential skill when carrying out undercover surveillance is the ability to blend into the background wherever the investigator goes, which is the greatest protection he can offer his client during the course of the investigation.

Another skill most of us may not consider important in undercover investigations is that of having exceptional communication skills, so that the investigator is able to move in any circle and still be able to remain undetected or look out of place.

State of the art technology plays a major role in undercover investigations to, with Jacques and his team remaining up to date with the latest technology as it becomes available, in order to ramp up the standard of their investigations and the resulting evidence acquired.

King Investigators carry out many undercover operations for overseas investigative firms due to the fact that these international investigators can always rely on Jacques and his team to produce the goods without wasting valuable time.

The other reason these international investigative firms work with King Investigators is that this team knows the lay of the land in a rainbow nation of cultures and customs, which would be next to impossible for someone from overseas.

If you’re looking for the best private investigators in South Africa, able to cross over from corporate business intelligence to gathering evidence on cheating spouses, King Investigators is a full service company that offers guaranteed results, backed up with high quality evidence!

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