Choose the best when it comes to undercover investigations in South Africa

If you want only the best investigators on your case, especially if it involves sensitive undercover surveillance, your first port of call should be King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

This is a team of investigators headed by owner Jacques Botha, who combine many years’ worth of on the ground experience as undercover operatives, all of which is invaluable for any client needing the best in undercover surveillance to get to the truth in any case.

Sheer professionalism drives this team to excel in every area of investigation that they’re able to tackle, but the true value of what they bring to any undercover investigation that puts those at King Investigators at the top of their field is their innate ability to sniff out the truth, no matter what.

Undercover investigation is a sensitive field, and it requires of the investigator a range of tactics that can only be learned when boots are on the ground, when snap decisions have to be made on the go in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, without being observed.

It’s also essential that any undercover investigator worth his salt is fully up to date with the legal requirements and industry standards that govern the way in which evidence is collated, because without this knowledge, any evidence provided could be considered worthless.

Being PSIRA registered investigators means that you can expect nothing short of the highest quality investigative services to be delivered by King Investigators throughout South Africa, shored up by the knowledge that the reputation earned by this investigative firm is based on over 10 years in the field.

You need have no concern about whether any evidence gathered by this team will in any way break laws regarding trespassing, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation or entrapment. Any one of these would be an absolute no-no for these professionals.

The evidence that’s presented to you on conclusion of your case will be of a quality that will stand up to scrutiny in court, without the necessity of your investigator appearing in person, unless of course required.

Remaining unnoticed and being able to blend in while carrying out surveillance is tantamount to protecting the client, which is first and foremost for the team at King Investigators during any case.

As top undercover operatives in South Africa, King Investigators bring exceptional communication skills and the necessary common sense to any investigation, which, along with the use of state of the art technology, ensures that the case is brought to a satisfactory conclusion as swiftly as possible, in favour of the client.

International investigative firms also rely heavily on King Investigators to carry out undercover surveillance in South Africa, based not only on their superb reputation for professionalism, but also on the fact that they know the lay of the land intimately, which is essential for any successful undercover operation.

From uncovering the goods on cheating husbands or wives, to corporate surveillance, King Investigators is on standby to offer the very best in undercover surveillance, whatever the case!



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