King Investigators – full-service private investigators in Gauteng

When you need a cheating spouse detective in South Africa who will also be able to follow a paper trail left by a spouse trying to hide assets, then King Investigators is the place to start.

This team of registered private investigators (Privaat Speurders) are seasoned professionals who are able to tackle any case brought to them without missing a beat.

As a full-service private investigative firm in Gauteng, King Investigators provide a broad range of investigative services to clients locally and abroad, whether the clients are individuals or businesses.

In order to be able to offer their impressive range of services, the team at King Investigators have tackled cases that range from infidelity to theft and fraud, and from business intelligence cases to tracing people.

Combining extensive experience as undercover surveillance specialists with the use of state of the art technology has put King Investigators at the top of their field for over ten years to date, a position valued highly by owner Jacques Botha and his team of investigators.

The rapid growth of technology has changed the face of crime on all fronts, from allowing people to produce seemingly perfect CV’s that can’t be questioned, to cheaters using mobile technology to remain undetected as they go about their extra-marital affairs.

The team at King Investigators is committed to remaining ahead of the curve in terms of the changing face of criminality and dishonesty, which is why technology plays a major role in many of their investigations.

Honesty and integrity are vital qualities in their field as far as these registered investigators are concerned, living up to their reputation for delivering results timeously and at highly competitive rates on a consistent basis.

Here’s a basic list of investigative services offered by King Investigators


As the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, King Investigators is committed to gathering evidence of infidelity the right way, so that by the time a case comes to court, the evidence cannot be disputed.

Having carried out thousands of investigations into cheating spouses, this team is able to assure clients that no stone will be left unturned in their search for the truth.

In-depth background checks:

Whether you’re hiring someone new, taking on a new business partner or a new love interest in your life, King Investigators has the tools and resources to put at your disposal to make sure you are able to make informed decisions in important areas of your life, business and private.

Business services

King Investigators assist business owners in uncovering crimes that are putting their business interests at risk and causing unexplained losses, such as those incurred through fraud, embezzlement or theft of products, among others.

In addition to this, King Investigators also provide due diligence services aimed at providing businesses with investigative reports that can impact business decisions one way or the other.

Polygraph testing

Using the very latest in polygraph technology, King Investigators use polygraph testing in a range of cases, such as for pre-employment testing, cases involving employee theft and criminal activities in general.

Undercover surveillance

As one of the most important tools used to gather information, King Investigators brings over ten years’ worth of field experience to bear in undercover surveillance, in cases that range right across from the criminal underworld to infidelity.

There is a lot more to what King Investigators is able to bring to any case, criminal or civil, and should you have any questions about a case you want pursued, please contact owner Jacques Botha in confidence.


Leave the investigation into infidelity to the professionals

Whether or not you need proof of infidelity for your own personal reasons or for a divorce case, the last thing you should be doing is trying to gather evidence on your own!

Investigating whether your spouse is cheating on you or not carries a high emotional cost, and, bringing friends and family into the picture to assist in getting proof is a one way road to having evidence that won’t stand up in court, and, that could potentially destroy a relationship when it’s discovered that there is no affair.

If you need the proof for a divorce case or a custody case, it’s vital that you understand the investigation should be placed in the hands of an experienced professional so that the evidence is gathered legally.

There are issues such as trespassing, invasion of privacy and misrepresentation that need to be heeded, if evidence gathered is to have any weight.

For the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa at King Investigators, there’s only one way to gather evidence, no matter what the case, and that’s to do it with integrity, professionalism and expert knowledge.

These registered investigators have an excellent reputation for getting results without delays, and for doing so in a way that your budget is taken into account and treated seriously.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, will tell you that there are various techniques and avenues of investigation to explore in your case, and he will sit with you to make sure you’ll have the investigation run in a way that gives you the evidence you need, without breaking the bank.

You may just have started a new relationship, with a new love interest, but would like to be absolutely sure that you’re not getting involved with someone that’s still married, is an alcoholic or drug addict, or has been implicated in sexual abuse and domestic violence in the past.

You are well within your rights to want to protect yourself, and, if you have children, you have even more reason to do so at the outset of a new relationship.

Why leave the investigation into infidelity to professionals?


First and foremost, an investigations firm like King Investigators has already closed thousands of infidelity cases successfully in South Africa to date, giving them a level of experience that is priceless when you’re facing uncharted waters.


King Investigators have a full spectrum of resources at their disposal, ready to apply to leaving no stone unturned in any investigation.  They employ tactics that range from undercover surveillance to the analysis of data, to make sure that cheaters are left with nothing to hide.


Because your investigator is not emotionally involved in your situation, you can rely on him to maintain a highly professional approach to the investigation without getting caught up in what is an emotionally charged experience for you.

This level-headed professionalism offers valuable support to clients who need to maintain a measure of balance for the duration of the investigation, especially so because they’ll need to act as if nothing is happening, so that their spouse is not alerted to being under surveillance.

Contact King Investigators

If you’re sixth sense is telling you that your spouse may be cheating on you, contact King Investigators for a confidential chat that will help you to decide on whether or not you’re ready to face the truth, no matter what it may be.

Make sure you hire a reputable private investigator if you need admissible evidence in court

There is only one way to make sure that by the time a case comes to court any evidence collected is irrefutable, and that’s to hire an experienced private investigator with an excellent reputation for honesty.

From the outset, it’s important that you do your own investigation into the background and experience of the private investigator you want to hire. Any private investigator worth his salt will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have about him and his firm, or associates.

You need to know whether you can trust the investigator, which means that he has to have a strict code of ethics where it comes to all his investigations, as well as a standard of ethics and honesty that is backed up by recommendations from previous clients.

Another good measure of how honest the private investigator is, is to talk finances at the outset.  If he is open about costs and willing to advise you on how to cut down on your budget and still have the evidence you need, you’re definitely in the right place.

King Investigators in South Africa check all the right boxes if what you want is to do things the right way. With over ten years of experience in the field, this team of investigators combines many spheres of investigation with the use of state of the art technology, to make sure that any evidence they present to a client is of the highest calibre.

This team, under the direction of owner Jacques Botha, collects evidence for divorce cases, child custody cases, business intelligence cases and infidelity cases, to name a few of their considerable range of services.

What makes evidence admissible in court?

There are no grey areas where it comes to whether evidence is or isn’t admissible in court. There are strict rules that govern the investigations industry, and, unless your private investigator adheres to these regulations, you will be heading to court without admissible evidence.

As PSIRA registered investigators, the team at King Investigators adhere to the professional standards expected by this governing body of all investigators, giving clients recourse should they need it during or after an investigation.

What makes evidence inadmissible in court?

Any evidence that is gathered using illegal tactics such as false representation, violation of privacy, phone tapping or entrapment, will be considered inadmissible in a court of law.

Delivering this kind of evidence in court could land you in more trouble than it’s worth, and have it thrown out as having absolutely no value in your case.

When you deal with King Investigators you can be confident in the fact that evidence presented in court will be irrefutable, to such an extent that the investigator himself will more than likely not need to appear in court on your behalf.

Let King Investigators give you the advantage in court

If you’re heading for court and need an investigations team on your side that you can trust to do things the right way, contact King Investigators for a confidential chat about how this team tackles the question of presenting proof that can be relied on.

Top tips for hiring the best private investigator to tackle your case

If what you’re looking for in terms of evidence of any wrongdoing is of an irrefutable quality, whether proof that a spouse is cheating or your numbers fundi is cooking the books, then there are a few top tips that go a long way to ensuring you hire the best private investigator in South Africa.

Knowing what to ask the private investigator when you first contact him will go a long way to ensuring you do hire the best, and don’t end up with evidence that’s tainted and of no value.

Set aside any preconceptions you may have about private investigators and keep these questions in mind as your top tips for hiring the best private investigator to tackle your case.

Does he have the experience needed to suit your particular case?

This is very important. You need to know that he has the experience and knowledge to handle your particular case. For instance, an investigator who only carries out investigations into fraud won’t do you any good if what you need is a good cheating spouse detective you can trust.

How long has he been in the industry?

If the private investigator you’re chatting to has been in the field for many years already, you’re looking at a good indication of the level of experience a private investigator has right off the bat.

Does he cover a broad range of investigations?

It’s a good idea to hire a private investigator who can offer a full range of services, so that he isn’t restricted in what he can do to deliver the results you want. For instance, you may be hiring him to find proof of infidelity, but also to find assets that may are being hidden in the run up to a divorce case.

This calls for undercover experience, as well as the ability to analyse and collate reams of sensitive data, to provide every aspect of evidence required by your lawyer.

Is he upfront about costs?

If, from the outset, the investigator is open with you about costs up front, you can begin to relax. If you’re really lucky, you’ll deal with someone who knows exactly how to deliver excellent results without fleecing you or padding a non-existent expense account.

The best will always make sure that the investigation doesn’t trail on endlessly in order to milk you of your last dime, so if he doesn’t really want to talk costs, move along!

Do remember though, that there could well be additional costs along the way, but if he’s a guy with integrity, he’ll let you know what they might be.

Can he offer references?

Yes, you can ask a private investigator for references. He will know exactly how to do so without compromising any client, and what they have to say will go a long way to making you feel more at ease in talking to him.

Can he guarantee a result?

It’s possible that you hire a private investigator to prove whether or not your spouse is cheating, only to find out that it’s not the case, however, the one thing the private investigator you hire should be able to guarantee, is that you will be completely satisfied with the conclusion of the case.

Is your information safe with him?

Vital! You need to find out what you can expect in terms of confidentiality and the safety of your personal information. A really good private investigator will make sure that any information on clients and cases is kept securely off-site of his office, so that not even a random break-in will compromise your privacy.

Contact King Investigators for peace of mind

If you’re looking for the top private investigator in Pretoria and Johannesburg, you’ve come to the right place here!

King Investigators offers all that you need in terms of honesty, integrity, professionalism and extensive experience in a field that has had a somewhat shady reputation over the years, raising the standard in an industry where trust should be implicit.

Contact owner Jacques Botha for a free chat to find out more about how he and his team of top investigators can move your case forward.


Partner with King Investigators to protect your business

There are many reasons that a business may need the services of a private investigator, reasons that range from petty theft to major misappropriation of funds, and this is where King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria come into the picture.

Owner Jacques Botha and his top team of private investigators have been in the industry for over ten years, combining extensive skill set and experience to deliver the highest level of professionalism for clients such as law firms, corporations and insurance companies on a business level.

The theft of sensitive information has become a lot easier to get away with in a technological landscape that is constantly changing, which, while making life easier for businesses, also offers criminals better tools with which to defraud and steal from companies.

In order to be able to carry out a broad range of investigations within the business sector, King Investigators not only uses the state of the art technology to track down criminals, they also offer the vital exploratory and analytical skills necessary to bridge the gap between criminal and civil cases.

Many of the business investigations easily call for a combination of investigative services, such as using undercover surveillance and data tracking to pull all the threads of an investigation together, without alerting the suspected offender.

Even if employee theft is involved and you call the police, you’ll still have to have evidence of the theft before the police can do anything, which is when most corporations call in a private investigator.

With the investigator on the case, all evidence is gathered legally and all the facts expertly presented, so that the business owner is then able to take further steps, whether for a court case or dismissal.

Bottom line – no evidence, no case!

Instituting background checks into potential employees is an excellent first step towards protecting your business, and this is an area in which King Investigators steps in to make sure that the information given to you by the candidate is in fact true.

A background check should also be first on the agenda when you consider taking on a business partner, or for instance, if you’re planning on buying another company.

Better that you know what you’re letting yourself in for before there’s any need to call the team in to investigate an actual crime.

In the day to day running of a corporation it’s not that easy to catch those guilty of misappropriation of funds, assets or products, and it’s even more difficult to get to the bottom of crimes such as internal and external embezzlement, or the theft of trade secrets, without the appropriate experience.

It is at times like this that the experience King Investigators brings to the table is of high value to company owners and executives, and they know exactly where to start investigating.

If your company is experiencing losses for which there is no easy explanation, or you need assistance with any of the above, please contact Jacques for a confidential chat about how to get to the truth in the matter, the right way.




King Investigators – Cheaters beware!

While your gut may be telling you that your spouse is cheating on you, your heart doesn’t want to know anything about it, but, when suspicion starts wearing on the relationship, it may be time to face the truth, no matter how painful it may be.

Uncertainty and lack of trust can destroy any relationship, and it’s often done so in relationships where there is no cheating at all, but, rather than let unfounded feelings be the end of the relationship, find out what’s really happening.

Many people have hired a private investigator to find proof of infidelity, only to find that their partner has in actual fact not been cheating on them, which in turn is often what has saved relationships that might otherwise have been doomed, purely out of suspicion.

Deciding to hire a cheating spouse detective isn’t easy on anyone, but it’s the first step towards finding out whether you’re imagining things, or whether your spouse is in fact cheating on you.

As the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, King Investigators have seen it all.  They know and understand fully just how painful it is when someone reaches out to them for assistance, and they offer the kind of sensitivity that we can all do with when faced with the possibility that someone we love is cheating on us.

This is not the kind of territory most of us are familiar with, but, it’s territory that many besides you have chosen to negotiate in an effort to make sure that when a decision is made about whether to end or continue a relationship, it will be a decision based on fact.

Jacques Barlow has undertaken thousands of cases involving infidelity and cheating, and, as a result, is able to offer invaluable support to you as you enter these uncharted waters, ensuring that you are as comfortable as could possibly be for the duration of the investigation.

Most people are under the misconception that hiring a cheating spouse detective will be too expensive, however, King Investigators are highly trained investigators who know how to work within a given budget, and still provide evidence of the highest quality.

You are the one who will determine the extent of the investigation and where you do or don’t want it to go, and with Jacques and his team on your side, you can be absolutely certain that your comfort is their main concern.

The investigator on your case is your rock in a time of extreme emotional upheaval, and, as is the case with King Investigators, they will support you every step of the way, including assisting you to keep things as normal as possible with your spouse during the investigation.

No stone will be left unturned in the investigation into whether or not your spouse is cheating, and, the evidence in the form of video footage and time-stamped photos, along with a written report, will be of the highest quality.

Make an informed decision about your next steps if you suspect your spouse of cheating by contacting King Investigators for a confidential chat today.


Choose the best when it comes to undercover investigations in South Africa

If you want only the best investigators on your case, especially if it involves sensitive undercover surveillance, your first port of call should be King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

This is a team of investigators headed by owner Jacques Botha, who combine many years’ worth of on the ground experience as undercover operatives, all of which is invaluable for any client needing the best in undercover surveillance to get to the truth in any case.

Sheer professionalism drives this team to excel in every area of investigation that they’re able to tackle, but the true value of what they bring to any undercover investigation that puts those at King Investigators at the top of their field is their innate ability to sniff out the truth, no matter what.

Undercover investigation is a sensitive field, and it requires of the investigator a range of tactics that can only be learned when boots are on the ground, when snap decisions have to be made on the go in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, without being observed.

It’s also essential that any undercover investigator worth his salt is fully up to date with the legal requirements and industry standards that govern the way in which evidence is collated, because without this knowledge, any evidence provided could be considered worthless.

Being PSIRA registered investigators means that you can expect nothing short of the highest quality investigative services to be delivered by King Investigators throughout South Africa, shored up by the knowledge that the reputation earned by this investigative firm is based on over 10 years in the field.

You need have no concern about whether any evidence gathered by this team will in any way break laws regarding trespassing, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation or entrapment. Any one of these would be an absolute no-no for these professionals.

The evidence that’s presented to you on conclusion of your case will be of a quality that will stand up to scrutiny in court, without the necessity of your investigator appearing in person, unless of course required.

Remaining unnoticed and being able to blend in while carrying out surveillance is tantamount to protecting the client, which is first and foremost for the team at King Investigators during any case.

As top undercover operatives in South Africa, King Investigators bring exceptional communication skills and the necessary common sense to any investigation, which, along with the use of state of the art technology, ensures that the case is brought to a satisfactory conclusion as swiftly as possible, in favour of the client.

International investigative firms also rely heavily on King Investigators to carry out undercover surveillance in South Africa, based not only on their superb reputation for professionalism, but also on the fact that they know the lay of the land intimately, which is essential for any successful undercover operation.

From uncovering the goods on cheating husbands or wives, to corporate surveillance, King Investigators is on standby to offer the very best in undercover surveillance, whatever the case!



Why do people hire private investigators?

No one gets to the truth in any case as quickly and successfully as a private investigator can.  That is, if the private investigator you hire has the right credentials and sterling reputation of course.

Combining a variety of skills, undercover surveillance and other tools of the trade, a private investigations firm like King Investigators works hard on your behalf to get results that will uncover the truth in any matter.

No one ever wants to be in a position that calls for the services of a private investigator, but for some individuals or businesses it may become necessary, in order to gather evidence of wrongdoing in many different scenarios.

Whether the evidence is going to be presented in court or not, through King Investigators you’ll have evidence that has been collected in accordance with the code of conduct enforced by PSIRA, which governs the industry in South Africa.

Evidence that’s manufactured or illegally obtained won’t be worth anything to you, especially if it comes to a court case.

Here are some of the reasons people hire a private investigator:


This is one of the main reasons people hire a private investigator in South Africa.  It is a specialised field that calls for a lot of undercover surveillance experience so that the party being investigated remains unaware of being surveyed.

If the alarm bells in your sixth sense are telling you that something’s not right, you need to make sure that you hire the number one cheating spouse detective in Gauteng to handle your case successfully.

Child custody

The greatest tug of war in a divorce is normally custody of children. In the case of a spouse that needs to prove the other party isn’t sticking to custody arrangements, or threatening the safety of a child, a lawyer will call on the services of a private investigator to provide the proof needed to protect the child.


Surveillance is a skill that requires a great deal of experience and an ability on the part of an investigator to think on his feet, and to be able to melt into the crowd, without being noticed.

Surveillance is used in many types of cases, such as:


Employee theft

Workman’s compensation fraud

Insurance fraud

Theft of company secrets and more

Tracing missing persons

As long as the reason you’re trying to find someone isn’t illegal, King Investigators will trace adopted children and other long lost relatives, an old flame or someone that has skipped out on a civil case.

Business investigations

Investigations carried out by King Investigators for businesses include employee background checks, background checks on someone you may be interested in bringing on board as a partner, or, finding hidden assets that could prove a case of fraud.

Financial investigations and counterintelligence are also in the scope of business investigations carried out by this team of professionals.

Background checks

As registered private investigators, owner Jacques Botha and his team have the experience and knowledge to put to good use in carrying out in-depth background checks, whether it’s to get the facts about a new love interest, a prospective employee or a new business partner.

Put King Investigators to work on your case

If you need the help of a registered, professional private investigator to gather evidence you need in either a private matter or a business matter, please call Jacques today for a confidential chat to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

PI’s find the proof that attorneys need in order to win cases

Whether a private investigator is working with district attorneys or those in private practice, the burden of uncovering evidence that brings a successful verdict rests with this professional.

No attorney has the time to follow up on leads, pound the pavements looking for witnesses or sitting for hours in a parked car, waiting to snap photos of the villain of the story in action.

This is why most major law firms keep a high level private investigations firm like King Investigators on retainer. This normally comes about as a relationship between lawyer and investigator is cemented over a period of time, time in which the investigator has proven his worth beyond any doubt.

No attorney can afford to stand before his client and a judge with tainted evidence gathered illegally, which makes his or her choice of investigator extremely important.

King Investigators also have a working knowledge of the law, which, together with the strict code of conduct that governs their industry, ensures that they know exactly how to go about presenting evidence that cannot be questioned or doubted in court.

This team of investigators is able to get around, and, not being tied to a desk, they’re able to track down witnesses that were not part of an original investigation, revisit the scene of a crime and review evidence gathered at the scene, as well as tracing hidden assets that would benefit the client.

Depending on each case, the attorney and private investigator will map out exactly what type of evidence needs to be presented when a case goes to court, at which point the investigator leads the way with his experience.

Here are some of the benefits that are gained when an attorney hires a private investigator:

Cost cutting

By hiring a private investigator, an attorney is able to cut down on billable hours a client would have paid if the case had dragged on for lack of solid evidence.

Shifting the burden of proof

In the partnership between attorney and private investigator, the burden of proof is laid firmly at the door of the investigator, leaving the attorney to pursue other avenues that pertain to the case but are within his or her field.

In-depth information

Dealing in finding and assimilating information requires expert training and experience, which are qualities inherent to anything the team at King Investigators do.

Because they’re able to track down information in places a non-professional is not allowed to enter, this team is able to comb databases in search of virtually any information that would be of benefit to the client.

Presentation of proof

King Investigators provides a thorough report at the conclusion of a case, presenting time-stamped photos and videos, along with a comprehensive report to cover any other activities that take place but cannot be documented visually.

Court appearance

There is seldom a reason for a private investigator to give evidence in court as a result of the quality of evidence and professionalism that underlies evidence gathered by King Investigators.

If it is required, you can be certain that these investigators are able to handle cross-examination like the pro’s they are!

A last word

With a sterling reputation for excellence and integrity, King Investigators will provide you with evidence that can be trusted to stand up to scrutiny in court, working with your attorney to bring the case to a successful conclusion on your behalf.

Here’s what you need to know before you hire a private investigator

Dishonesty and criminality is as old as humanity, and nothing has changed, in fact, if anything, they’ve both become very sophisticated with the ushering in and phenomenal growth of technology.

This sophistication has led to the birth of entirely new crimes, a lot of which is focussed on crimes such as fraud, data theft, identity theft, the creation of false identification and backgrounds, online stalking and intimidation, along with a host of others.

However, crime remains crime, and there are many individuals and businesses that need the specialised training a private investigator has to get to the bottom of any crime, and to get to the truth behind lies.

This is especially true in a world where police services are under tremendous strain, with too few of them to police a huge population. The police can also only go so far in an investigation and no further.

They have legal constraints that hamper many investigations, which is not the case with private investigators. There are many instances in which police request the assistance of a private investigator to help them to prove that the case against a perpetrator results in an arrest and successful trial.

This by no means insinuates the private detectives are above the law, they are simply able to knock on doors and carry out an investigation in areas that are restricted for local law enforcement.

The kind of investigator you hire has to have ethics that hold true to honesty, transparency and trust, held together by a commitment to remain within the professional standards and guidelines that govern private investigators.

One such investigator in Pretoria and Johannesburg is owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha. His experience in the field goes back over 10 years, and, as a registered private investigator, he remains committed to staying within the guidelines of his industry.

This is the reason that King Investigators can make the promise that any evidence uncovered in any case will be of such a high standard that it’ll be able to stand up to scrutiny in any court of law.

Having said all this, here’s what you need to know before you hire a private investigator:


Making sure that the private investigations firm is registered is essential. You can check up on the registration on the PSIRA website here, using the PSIRA registration number issued to the investigator.

Broad spectrum services

It’s important that you make sure that when you hire a private investigator, he will have the necessary experience needed to carry out a successful investigation.

For instance, if a private investigator only handles cases involving infidelity, he won’t be of any use in an investigation that centres on cybercrime.

The best you can do is to find an investigator with a broad spectrum of services, especially if you’re going to need an investigator who can carry out undercover surveillance and apply analytical skills to pour over any type of data during an investigation.


You need to know that the investigator you hire will leave no stone unturned in gathering evidence of wrongdoing. A good way to do this is to ask for references from the investigator.


Make sure that not only will all information pertaining to your case be treated with absolute confidentiality, but that the information will be stored in such a way that it will be kept in a secure location.


Your private investigator has to be up to date with state of the art technology. Technology used in the pursuit of the truth in any case can bring down the cost of an investigation as a result of having to spend less time on a case.


You have every right to be kept up to date during an investigation, so make sure that your private investigator will keep an open line of communication with you, from the beginning of the case to its conclusion.


These are the basics of what you need to know before deciding to hire a private investigator, but, to save yourself time, why not contact King Investigators to find out more about how Jacques and his team can help you to put together a watertight case.