How much is your company loosing as a result of petty theft & fraud

With a 30% rise in unemployment and a volatile economic situation in South Africa, theft and fraud on the part of staff is on the rise.  Even people who are honest at their core can become so desperate to keep the wolf from the door that they resort to petty theft or fraud.

Employee theft takes many forms, such as dipping into the petty cash box or stealing your company’s merchandise.

Then we have fraudulent transactions such as an employee embezzling money from the company or selling databases of your clients to the competition.

There are plenty of takers who’ll pay for that type of information, and they pay well, but no matter how it’s done, your company is losing more than you can imagine to employee theft.

Worse yet is that you can’t just accuse someone of theft or fraud willy nilly, you need to go about it in a way that’s legal, so that if the evidence is needed for disciplinary hearings or outright dismissal, it’ll be based on hard evidence.

The tougher times become, the more inventive people become where it comes to supplementing their legitimate income through company theft, and technology has made it even easier to ‘cook’ the books!

There’s not much you can do about a lot of this employee theft on your own, but this is where the services of a top investigative firm such as King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria can help in rooting out any of these issues on your behalf.

King Investigators is headed by Jacques Botha, an experienced, licensed private investigator with more than ten years’ experience in the industry to bring to bear on any investigation, which he does along with his team of professional, highly trained investigators.

As undercover surveillance experts, any one of the private investigators affiliated with this company is able to infiltrate the ranks of your employees who are in sensitive positions, such as those involved in despatch or receipt of merchandise, or those in a position to commit fraud, without anyone being any the wiser.

Here’s a brief rundown of the type of employee theft or fraud that is faced today by virtually every business:

  • Theft of money

This can start ‘small’, such as dipping into the petty cash, or, on a far larger scale, diversion of payments from clients into the employees account instead of into the business account.

  • Theft of supplies

Few people think twice about taking a few pens or popping company photocopy paper into a bag and heading out the door without you being aware of it, however, this petty theft, when counted over a year for instance, adds up to more than you may think.

Petty theft or pilfering is often the doorway for employees to take theft or pilfering to the next level, causing your company to become like a sieve that can’t contain all the cash draining out of it.

  • Theft of company merchandise

This is another area in which any clued up employee can use their position to supplement their income by stealing company merchandise for resale.

  • Theft of company information

With organised crime growing at an alarming rate, and the prices they will pay for company information such as trade secrets, new product designs and any other intellectual property or other confidential information, even the most trusted employee can fall foul to this kind of theft, once again, to supplement their income.

Why hire a private investigator to uncover employee theft and fraud?

That’s easy.  To protect your business and plug the leaks that amount to huge losses over time, and to protect the reputation of your company!

This is exactly what King Investigators can assist you with, since they’ve seen and heard it all, and there are many ways in which they are able to ferret out information you are unable to find on your own.

Being up to date with state of the art investigative procedures, which include going undercover, carrying out in-depth interviews with employees, as well as lie detector tests or voice stress analysis techniques, gives this team the expertise that’s integral to the success of any investigation.

If you suspect or are aware that any of the above may apply to your business and can’t prove it, contact King Investigators and let this team of professionals help to protect your interests.

Are you crazy or is your spouse cheating?

No one who has ever loved another wants to think or even face the truth that a partner or spouse is cheating, but, it’s a fact that rears its ugly head to cause the pain of betrayal, sense of betrayal and anger in more lives than you may imagine.

When your sixth sense starts niggling at you, telling you something is wrong somewhere, you may even be too afraid of the possibility that that niggling voice may be right.

Unfortunately, if you speak to a top cheating spouse detective from King Investigators in South Africa, they’ll tell you that in 85% of these cases, the sixth sense is telling it as it is.

The problem with this is that when you confront your spouse and ask for the truth, nine times out of ten your partner will make you feel like you’re crazy, and that you’re imagining things.

Look out for the level of defensiveness because this is often a good indicator of whether you’re hitting a raw nerve or not.

Not every spouse who starts taking an interest in their appearance is a cheater, nor is every spouse that stays late at work a cheater, but there are signs, which if taken together, definitely point to the fact that your spouse may be cheating.

It’s important that you check and recheck your sixth sense before pushing and rocking your marriage, because assumptions are not good enough reasons to start breaking up the relationship.

Here are a few red flags to look out for if you suspect infidelity

  • Has your spouse or partner suddenly started going to great lengths to improve their looks and change the way they dress?
  • Has he or she started spending hours in the gym when they’ve never been interested in their physique or working out? (Bear in mind that we live in an age where physical fitness is at its peak, so not everyone spending hours in the gym is cheating!)
  • Has your spouse started taking more business trips, and or staying late at the office more than before?
  • Has your spouse become extremely secretive about their cell phone, adding a password where there never was one and fielding calls that have to be taken out of earshot, or, the usual ‘wrong number’ line?
  • Have you noticed any decrease in your sex life? Or it could be that they suddenly want to try new things that just don’t fit your relationship?

If there are too many yeses to these questions, your sixth sense is probably right and you’re dealing with a cheating spouse, by which time your heart already feels like its breaking.

This this is where you decide about whether you want the truth or choose to ignore the signs in order to keep the marriage or relationship together.

Should your decision be to hire a cheating spouse detective let King Investigators guide you through these rough waters with sensitivity.

Their honesty, integrity and professionalism are in no doubt, as is evidenced by the fact that owner Jacques Botha is a registered PI and that his company, King Investigators, is PSIRA registered, which is easy enough to check out.

Contact Jacques for a confidential chat before taking any major steps, at the very least you’ll have an honest assessment of what would lie ahead for you should you decide that the truth is better than living with suspicion eroding your relationship.

The role that undercover surveillance plays in private investigations

The gadgets used in James Bond movies are pretty much part of our culture today, a culture in which every second person has a drone for instance, for private use, or a mobile phone that can record anything they want for their own purposes.

This is just one bit of technology that has become commonplace in our technological age, however, the use of any technology today for the purposes of carrying out surveillance has to be approached very carefully from a legal aspect.

Unfortunately private individuals are not up on the laws governing the use of any of these forms of surveillance, which can lead to prosecution if they’re caught doing so by the person under surveillance.

Where it comes to undercover surveillance on the part of a professional private investigator, he will know exactly where the legal boundaries are for every aspect of an investigation.

This is knowledge that’s essential if any part of the evidence gathered during surveillance is to be documented as evidence to be presented in court as irrefutable.

So what is surveillance?

At the bottom line, surveillance plays a major role in terms of time spent on any case in the life of a private investigator. But before you get the idea that surveillance is a thrill a minute for the investigator you need to know that he’ll also spend a major chunk of his time on analysing reams of information and data gathered during investigations.

Surveillance is carried out across a broad range of cases, such as:

  • Locating missing persons
  • Proof of infidelity
  • Proof of fitness to have child custody
  • Proof that visitation rights are in the child’s best interest and are being followed according to the court order
  • Insurance fraud
  • Employee Theft
  • Business surveillance i.e. surveillance of employees and company representatives
  • Civil and criminal investigations i.e. when police are no longer able to continue an investigation and need assistance to gather more evidence in order to bring charges against a suspect
  • Harassment

Remaining undetected during surveillance

Remaining undetected by the subject under surveillance is a technique that requires a high level of training, as well as many years’ worth of experience in the field.

Should an investigator be detected it could damage the case and any chances there may have been for a successful outcome.

Remaining unnoticed requires the use of varied techniques, which includes being able to melt into the background so that not even the general public will be aware of what the investigator is doing.

It’s for this reason that it’s best to use a private detective who’s familiar with the lay of the land and the culture of the country too. As an example, a company such as King Investigators is often used by international investigators to carry out surveillance on their behalf in South Africa.

Technology and surveillance

King Investigators remain at the forefront of technological advances in their industry, which means that you can rely on them to have all the right equipment to carry out all forms of surveillance, while remaining within the letter of the law.

As an example, today GPS monitoring can easily be used to track a subject, which can save time, which also means lowering costs for the client.  The only hitch with using a GPS device for tracking is that it can only be used if the owner gives permission.

If infidelity is suspected, the spouse under investigation often uses a car that is registered to the client, in which case permission is easily granted.

If you’d like to know more about how King Investigators are able to use surveillance as a means of documenting and supporting their findings in a case, then please call Jacques Botha today.

Jacques is a licensed private investigator and heads a team of seasoned investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg who’ve earned a spot as one of the top professional investigative firms in South Africa after over ten years in the industry.

More professional than this you will not find!


Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you?

If you do, then you’re already going through emotions that range from fear of the truth to the pain of betrayal, along with the anger that may also be a part of the fear and pain.

At this point it may not help to know that you’re not alone, but it’s the sad truth that in our modern society flooded with technology, it’s become easier to have an affair than it ever was before.

Many affairs start online or through the use of mobile apps, which makes it a small leap to setting up a date to meet the person that’s been on the other end of the conversation, opening wide the door to actual cheating.

There are people caught in the same place as you who decide to hire a private investigator simply to set their mind at ease, as many of the signs that point to cheating can be misconstrued, but knowing is better than suspecting!

None of us wants to look the proof in the eye, but if there is proof of infidelity you are then in the position of deciding whether to continue the relationship, with a lot of hard work, or to put an end to it, no matter how painful.

Deciding to hire a cheating spouse detective is entering unchartered waters that are daunting, aside from the emotional cost, but, if you hire the right private investigator you’ll be dealing with a professional who’s already, sadly, seen it all.

Finding a private investigator that handles your case with sensitivity right from the outset is what you deserve during this time. This is so that you’ll feel you have the support and understanding that’ll make your decision to take your suspicions into the realm of reality a little easier to swallow.

How it works when King Investigators handle finding proof of infidelity.

  • The initial consultation

When you meet Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, for the first time, he’ll have a confidential conversation with you about what type of evidence you need, whether it’s for a divorce, or as the kind of proof that’ll allow you to decide on what to do next in your relationship.

  • Costs

There are ways in which the costs of the investigation into infidelity can be structured to suit your budget, and at your initial meeting with King Investigators you’ll know clearly what you’ll be in for where it comes to the cost of the investigation.

King Investigators believes and stands by their commitment to providing information honestly and as timely as possible so as to retain their reputation for integrity and professionalism in the industry and among their clients.

The investigation


As trained, experienced professionals, King Investigators are top in their field in terms of surveillance tactics. This means that the cheater will never be any the wiser to the fact that they are under surveillance, and through the use of the latest technology, everything that is contained in the final report is also documented by time stamped videos and photos where necessary.

Yet again, ethics are at the forefront of the way in which this team gathers information, ensuring that any evidence collected is irrefutable and legally obtained.

Initial planning

In order to lay effective plans for surveillance in your case, King Investigators will need as much information as you can provide about your spouse and his or her movements in general.

This also determines the type of surveillance that will be carried out, such as whether more than one investigator will be needed to carry out the surveillance.

Stepping back on your part

One of the most important roles you’ll have to play during the investigation is to keep things as normal as possible so that you don’t in any way let him or her know what’s going on, which could compromise the investigation.

King Investigators knows that this won’t be easy, which is why they’ll give you tips about being able to cope during the investigation.

The conclusion

At the conclusion of the case, King Investigators will provide you with a professionally compiled written report, supported by video and photographic evidence, which will be able to be used in a court of law without compromise.

Why King Investigators is considered the top cheating spouse detectives in South Africa

Simply put, along with honesty and integrity as a baseline for the way in which this team operates, King Investigators in no way steps outside of the law when gathering evidence.

As a result of this, you can trust this team to provide evidence that’s untainted and strictly in accordance with the code of ethics enforced by PSIRA, which is the governing body overseeing the industry.

Contact King Investigators today if you need professional advice about how to take the next step in finding proof of cheating or infidelity.





Check these qualities before you hire a private investigator

There are private investigators, and then there are private investigators, and the distinction between the two halves of the same thing will be in the credentials that the private investigator is able to present to you.

If you make the mistake of hiring a private investigator that isn’t licensed, you’ll have no recourse should any of his investigative tactics lead to evidence that is tainted due to the manner in which it’s been collected.

The full report you expect from the private investigator you have hired will have required minute attention to detail in analysing any data and information that is collected, which is where a lot of investigators fall short of the mark.

Any information or evidence has to be traced in compliance with strict industry standards for it to be of any value at all, especially if it’s to be used in a court case.

A knowledge of the law is another prerequisite for private investigators, in order to be able to present to any court of law evidence that is irrefutable and is of such a standard that the investigator seldom has to appear in court himself.

When you hire King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg you will immediately know that ethics and honesty are values that underpin all investigations carried out by this professional team of private investigators, living up to all the aspects of everything discussed above.

Qualities to look for before hiring a private investigator

  • Experience

Nothing beats experience in the world of private investigations!  An inexperienced private investigator can endanger the entire investigation and even drag the client into the same danger, especially in undercover operations.

For instance, if an investigator is following a cheating spouse and he is detected by the person under investigation, it will alert that person to the fact that his or her spouse has hired a private detective, which is when it could become dangerous for the client.

  • Trust in confidentiality

If you don’t feel that you can trust your private investigator to treat your information and investigation with absolute confidentiality you’re probably right.

A private investigator should be able to reassure you that your information is kept securely, in other words, that it’s kept off-site of his office in a secure location so that there is no chance that it can be stolen in a robbery.

  • Established networking

Private investigators don’t work in a vacuum on their own.  They need to have built up a trusted network of contacts that are available to provide outside resources that may be required during an investigation.

This networking includes those who are able to gain access to information not freely available even to investigators, and may even include working with and assisting the local police.

  • Diligence

Diligence and a doggedness to pursue every avenue of investigation to the point of exhaustion is an essential quality that should be second nature to any great private investigator.

This is the stuff that makes an investigator dig deeper when it seems that there’s nowhere else to go, because it is often at this point that the breakthrough finally happens.

  • Instinctive judgement

Finely tuned instincts lead to an ability on the part of a private investigator to adapt to changing circumstances quickly and to think on his feet, especially when it comes to undercover surveillance when anything can, and often does happen.

  • Communication

As the client, you’ll want to be kept up to date with the investigation and to have an open line of communication with your investigator. You’ll already know you’ve chosen the right investigator at your first meeting based on the openness of his communication with regard to everything to do with handing the investigation for you, which will continue throughout the investigation.

All these qualities and more are clearly evident at King Investigators

If you’d like to find out more about what it’ll be like to work with consummate professionals, contacting King Investigators will answer all your questions to allay any doubts you may have about hiring a private investigator in South Africa.

This is a team that has the highest level of credentials to bring to your case, so that by the time you receive your final report it’ll be wrapped up neatly with evidence that’ll make sure you come out on top, whether in court or for private purposes.

Background checks – should you or shouldn’t you

Background checks are touchy subject for most people on the receiving end of them, however, in many instances carrying out background checks are one of the best forms of protection, whether for a company or for an individual.

Today we have the technology that makes it easy for anyone to manufacture a false CV and then to enlist the help of others to act as false references for previously held positions.

Added to this is the fact that most companies find it easier to fire someone found guilty of any act that may involve theft or fraud than to take them to court.

They won’t include the details of wrongdoing in the reference they give the perpetrator, and the only thing that should raise red flags for a potential employer is that there’ll be no glowing recommendation for the ex-employee.

Let’s look at the different reasons that background checks are requested on the part of:


  • Pre-employment background checks

Knowing who you’re employing has become essential today, and it’s become commonplace in business to advise any job applicants that a pre-employment screening and background check will be carried out before they’ll be considered for employment.

This goes to what was said above regarding the falsifying of CV’s and educational levels reached.  If the position you’re looking to fill is a particularly sensitive one in which the employee will have access to highly confidential data, or financial management, you will save yourself a lot of time and money by doing a background check, rather than trying to deal with the fallout after the fact.

  • New business partners

If your company is considering bringing in a new partner or adding a new member to the board of directors, you’re definitely want to know the full story behind the person before taking any decisions.

What a background check will do is to reveal issues such as whether they have ever been involved in fraud, suspected of selling of company secrets or hiding assets from you.

This and more goes to whether you’ll be able to trust the new partner or investor with your company, knowledge of which will go a long way to protecting you from future loss, whether financially or by way of impacting your reputation.


New relationships

Past abuse, drug abuse and fraud are just a few of the issues one might want to know something about before getting in too deep with a new love interest.

It’s not pleasant, but it’s about self-protection in the long term.  We all know that abusers often start out behaving in a way that would make any woman feel like a queen before the ugly truth starts coming out at a later stage.

Drug abuse is another issue that can be hidden initially, especially from those who don’t have much experience about drugs, but at some point later in the relationship these things all start becoming obvious.

The pain that comes with revelations such as these is better avoided by being proactive about your protection right from the start, hiring a private investigator to dig where you aren’t able to.

Divorce cases

When it comes to splitting assets 50-50 most divorces become a battlefield in which one or the other spouse deliberately hides assets in an attempt to defraud the other party in the divorce.

Not every spouse knows what’s going on with the assets of their partner, but when it comes to the divorce, this has to change to protect their future and that of their children.

Only a determined, professional private investigator can do the kind of in-depth check into any hidden assets your spouse has not declared, which is why private investigators are often used by lawyers during divorce cases.

Protect yourself or your company today by hiring a private investigator to carry out background checks.

King Investigators has been trusted by companies and individuals for over ten years now, providing them with in-depth background reports that influence many decisions in favour of those requesting the background checks.

Contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat about why you’d be interested in initiating a background check for your protection. This team of professionals will provide you with comprehensive background checks with a turnaround time of 24 hours.

Save yourself time, money and heartache by making the right choice about whether you should or shouldn’t invest in a background check!


Tech gadgets & private investigators go hand in hand in the 21st century

Today it’s not enough for a private investigator to excel at conducting undercover surveillance, they also need to keep abreast of the latest developments in surveillance technology to effectively get to the truth in any case.

The real test of any tech gadget is what it can do to raise undercover surveillance to a new level, and any professional investigator will be more than willing to try out new developments in the field.

In the hands of a professional, experienced investigator, new technology for use in surveillance also helps investigators to be ready for anything that may arise while they’re carrying out surveillance.

The operative words here are training and experience. Technology on its own doesn’t trump pounding the pavements in search for evidence in any case, these two aspects are designed to bring evidence to light with a two pronged approach.

Technology is also an invaluable tool for private investigators in terms of catching criminals that are tech savvy, as so many are today.  We may not be in a world war using weapons but we’re definitely in a war zone when it comes to the use of technology as a weapon.

Information is sold to the highest bidder, and in order to get to any information to sell, criminals have to keep as up to date about technology as private investigators should.

Here are just a few of the tech gadgets used by private investigators today;

Voice stress analysis

You’d be surprised at how effective a voice stress analysis can be in finding the truth. Some people are able to lie straight-faced and very convincingly, however, the voice tells another story completely.

In voice stress analysis tests, a private investigator is able to detect underlying truths that stem from speech patterns tied to emotions and the psychological aspects of speech.

The words, levels of stress and excitement can all be measured via voice stress analysis, making it an excellent tool that will indicate how truthful the speaker is at the time of the test. These tests can be carried out via phone, recording or in a face to face situation.

GPS Tracking systems

GPS tracking systems are very nifty in terms of keeping track of someone from one location to another. These systems are effectively used when a company has a fleet of trucks and other company vehicles they’d like to keep track of.

The reason that a fleet owner or manager can do this without the approval of the driver is due to the fact that the vehicle is not registered to the driver.

Technology has made it easy to plant tracking devices in vehicles without detection, to the extent that they can be attached to the steering column in a vehicle without being detectable.

GPS systems are so sophisticated today that anyone keeping track of a vehicle will have live updates of the location of the vehicle, fuel consumption and speed.

Keeping track of a cheating wife or husband via GPS tracking is more difficult however. Unless you own the vehicle your cheating spouse is driving, data gathered through the use of GPS tracking will be considered inadmissible in court.

Spyware technology

Recording what someone is doing on their computer via email online or mobile phone is easy when spyware is installed on these devices.

By mimicking the keystrokes, a private investigator is able to follow the search patterns of the subject under surveillance, without being detected.

If all clients want is the truth for themselves it’s legal, however, as it is with GPS tracking, if evidence gathered this way is to be used in a court case, you can forget it, it’s simply not legal.

Camera technology

Some covert investigations call for the use of micro cameras in order to carry out surveillance as surreptitiously as possible.  These cameras can be used to capture photos of people and places, with the added benefit of being perfect for use in capturing images of documents.

Technology & private investigators into the future

There’s no doubt that technology and software will be making giant leaps into the future, which means that private investigators are going to have to up their own game by becoming as tech savvy as many criminals are.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, will tell you that much of the work his team does on various cases is done using computers, which is far from the glamorous image most have of private investigators out in the field.

This is where excellent exploratory and analysis skills come in to play, where, in tandem with being out in the field, data bases need to be scoured for the right type of information to bring a case to successful closure.

By investing in quality knowledge and experience, King Investigators can assure clients that whether criminal or civil, the evidence presented by this professional team will be fully admissible in court.

Contact King Investigators in Pretoria today to find out more about how this team of investigators can assist you in making your case watertight.



Economic crimes targeting businesses have risen to an all-time high in South Africa

It makes no difference whether you own a small business or a major corporation, employee theft is always going to be on the cards. Since the dawn of man, people have lied, cheated and stolen, and nothing’s changed.

It’s only the role of technology that’s changed how certain crimes are committed, but given how tech savvy many criminals are today, the losses businesses face in many areas is frightening.

No company can afford the kind of losses that are being experienced in business, and when figures like R1.2-million are being thrown around, on the heels of a surge in economic crime hitting the 77% mark since 2016, it’s time to become proactive about protection from these crimes.

Sadly, that leaves South Africa in first place in comparison with the global average rate of 49%.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, in their Global economic and fraud survey 2018 South Africa, two in every three organisations have been, and still are, victims of economic crime.

In this no company can afford to remain blissfully unaware, meaning that proactive steps need to be implemented in order to protect the interests of the business.

The same report states that on average, around 6% of executives didn’t even know whether their organisations were being affected by economic crime or not!

Every business in South Africa, whether it’s a small to medium business or a large corporation, will at some time experience white collar economic crime, internally and externally driven.

Up to 50% of economic crimes have been attributed to employees, meaning that ‘inside jobs’ are responsible for a major percentage of loss experienced by any company.

Types of fraud to be on the lookout for in your company

Accounting fraud

This involves an employee covering up money that’s missing, or covering the fact that goods are being stolen.

Asset misappropriation

Asset misappropriation is fraud at its very worst. Theft of money or goods, or finding ways to divert company money into the bank account of an employee has also hit an all-time high, all of which could cost any company millions of Rands every year.

Payroll fraud

All that an employee responsible for the payroll need do to line their own pockets, is to create a fictitious employee and then siphon that money into their own account.

Manipulating timesheets or inflating overtime is another way an employee can steal from the business, which is often the case when the employee in charge of the payroll has been with a company for many years and would be above suspicion.

Data theft

Losing valuable data such as sensitive databases containing customer details or falling victim to the theft of trade secrets are very expensive costs to carry.  This type of data theft is a very lucrative side-line for employees, especially with the increase in organised crime today.


Corruption is self-explanatory, and it happens more than is imagined. Whether it’s an employee accepting kickbacks to gain the advantage for certain clients of the business. There’s also a lot of money to be made off of false amounts on invoices from certain suppliers, either way, it’s the company that loses.

Working with King Investigators to combat economic crime

In light of the many different forms that exist in economic crimes, King Investigators have the experience to offer high level Business Intelligence Services to companies that range from small to medium businesses and up to major corporations.

As a trusted investigative firm in South Africa, King Investigators produce in-depth results from investigations into employee dishonesty and theft of products, right through to misappropriation of corporate assets, theft of trade secrets and internal or external embezzlements.

If you need a professional ally on your side to find those guilty of economic crimes in your business so that appropriate steps can be taken to stop small losses that become huge losses in a year, contact King Investigators for a confidential discussion about where to next.


Does sexting & online virtual affairs mean you’re being cheated on?

It’s a very grey area when you head into whether or not sexting and virtual affairs online mean that one or the other spouse is cheating.

Many people having these virtual affairs consider them as harmless, but they’re not. A greater majority of people feel betrayed and hurt by the sexual nature of these online ‘conversations’, believing that their spouse may as well be carrying on an affair in the ‘real’ world.

Even though there’s no physical contact involved in an online affair, the innocent spouse still feels that the vows that brought them and their partner together have been violated.

In general the strides made in technology are great on many levels, however, along with the positives is the fact that the same technology enables people to have virtual affairs.

These affairs include the exchange of explicit photos, explicit exchanges via email or on social networks. Unless the couple is in on it together, virtual explicit affairs lead to a sense of betrayal that is every bit as deep as it would be if the affair were on the physical level.

It’s punch-in-the-gut time when you first start suspecting your partner of conducting an online affair, and it’s every bit as wrenchingly painful as it would be if he or she were physically involved with someone else.

Signs that point towards online cheating and sexting in the 21st century

  1. Password protected mobile devices

Passwords and pins that keep you locked out of cell phones and other mobile devices, could raise a red flag about whether or not your spouse is having an online affair.

When web pages are quickly shut down as you walk into the room, or emails are hastily closed, it would be worth asking the hard questions about whether or not your spouse is cheating.

  1. Immediate responses to online contacts

This is one of those signs that could simply mean that your spouse is as addicted to using their cell phone, laptop and/or computer as many of us are, but…when answering emails and texts immediately becomes an obsession with your spouse, you may need to consider whether an online affair is being hidden.

  1. Behavioural changes

If there’s one very tell-tale sign that your spouse is cheating it’s that there are changes in the way your spouse normally behaves.  Guilt about sexting or involvement in an online affair can lead to two extremes in behaviour; being unusually attentive, or, withdrawing completely and using anger towards you as justification for the online affair.

  1. Social media accounts kept secret

Watch out too for secret social media accounts or, if you’re a friend of your spouse, keep an eye out for contacts you don’t recognise.  A virtual affair on any social media site won’t reflect in timelines, but messages on these platforms are private to the account holder.

The truth must out

Most people don’t think that online cheating can really fall into the category of cheating, but there’s no doubt that the double life your spouse is living between you and the virtual affair is going to hurt the relationship.

If you consider that an online affair (or more than one) is cheating, it’s important to confront the issue head on, so that your spouse knows what crosses the line into a full-fledged online affair as far as you’re concerned.

Moving out of the virtual world and into reality. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating and you choose to hire a cheating spouse investigator in Pretoria and Johannesburg, contact King Investigators for a confidential chat.

This is never going to be an easy call, but, once you realise that you’ll be dealing with private investigators who’ll treat you and your case with the utmost sensitivity you deserve under the circumstances, it may make you feel more confident about placing your trust in these licenced investigators.

9-5 days are a rarity for professional private investigators

Being a private investigator goes far beyond having a 9-5 job, this is a field that will impact everything time-wise, putting paid to holidays, weekends and nights in the majority of cases.

Sitting in a car for hours on end definitely eats into the time an investigator needs for doing research, which puts that much more pressure on a private investigator who’s on a time-sensitive case.

In order to deliver evidence that’s untainted, any professional private investigator has to stick to all the regulations regarding the code of conduct that governs the profession, anything less than that and you’d be out of pocket for nothing.

In the case of a private investigations firm such as King Investigators in Pretoria, owner Jacques Botha is a licenced practitioner, affiliated with PSIRA, which is the body that’s there to regulate the industry in order to protect clients and investigators.

Although King Investigators are top cheating spouse investigators in South Africa, there’s a whole back story to being a full-service company, able to tackle many types of investigations, for individuals, corporations and small to medium businesses.

Looking at the knowledge and skills necessary to be a consummate professional in this field, there has to be an absolute dedication to training and keeping up with the latest developments in order to bring any case to a successful conclusion.

No role in an investigation stays stagnant, and in the world of private investigators, ongoing training is all part of the job description.

So what does an investigator need to have under his belt in order to offer evidence that is irrefutable in a court case?

A working knowledge of the law

Although a private investigator doesn’t need a formal education to be active in the industry, a working knowledge of law, which only comes with experience, is an absolute must.

Without this knowledge and experience, going outside what is enforced by the PSIR professional code of conduct can only result in inadmissible evidence if used for a court case.

A background in law enforcement

Most private investigators come from a background in law enforcement such as SAPS, however this is not a requirement, especially in a field that is constantly evolving.

Because of these constant changes and the challenges faced by the private investigator in a broad range of services, every case is different to the next, and nothing beats learning on the job, from case to case.

The ability to offer full-service investigations

When the term ‘full-service’ is applied to the services offered by the licenced investigators at King Investigators, it means just that.

This is a team that gets down to business in every case, whether for individuals, business owners planning to invest in a company (so that they know their investment will be safe) or assisting attorneys and protecting the interests of major corporations.

As the number one cheating spouse investigators in South Africa, King Investigators are unafraid to take on any challenge, however, the one type of case this team will say no to is when a client asks for services that are illegal.

The ability to work under pressure

There are times when there’s a lull in-between cases for every private investigator, however, when an investigation gets going, enormous pressure is placed on the investigator in order to bring cases to a successful close.

The private investigator has to be able to handle surveillance, which definitely carries an element of danger, then he has to change gears to hit the desk for hours and hours, sifting through more paperwork than most of us would like to deal with, and more research than we’d imagine.

The full extent of the training, time and effort put in is seldom reflected in the final report to a client, however, these qualities are essential to the successful conclusion of a case.

Honesty and integrity

Unfortunately, as with any profession, there’ll always be shady characters waiting to pounce on innocent victims, to use the fact that those who’ve never been a private investigator as a means to lead clients around an expensive bush.

Not so with Jacques Botha and his team of professional investigators.

You’ll know from the get-go where your money is going, depending on the investigation, which is just a taste of the honesty and integrity that has earned King Investigators the number one spot they’ve held for over ten years.

If you’re determined to deal with the best private investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg, then contact King Investigators for a confidential chat that’ll make it easier to do what needs to be done for your own peace of mind, no matter what the outcome may be.