Can Private Investigators Take Murder Cases?

You may be laboring under the misconception that private investigators in South Africa only follow cheating spouses, which leads us to a far more serious question: can private investigators take murder cases?

Before we get to answering this question, let’s face the fact that while serious, violent crime is growing at an alarming pace, including murder in suburban homes, which is where we should feel safe, convictions for these crimes are down completely.

Because of the fact that the criminal justice system in South Africa is in a disastrous state, as written in an IOL article of 31st January 2023, it has become imperative for some individuals to look for other avenues, to get justice for murdered loved ones.

Although there were high expectations raised when the well-respected Shamila Batohi was appointed as head of the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority), she had no clue that she would be taking on a role that would open her eyes to just how dysfunctional the NPA really is.

We cannot blame prosecutors for the lack of convictions, if there is nothing for them to work with, in terms of what is presented to them by law enforcement, and that’s that!

According to the article in IOL online, “This week, we got a further glimpse of the rot. Lieutenant-General Godfrey Lebeya, head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations, popularly known as the Hawks, said in an interview with News24’s Mandy Wiener that his unit had been “badly crippled by staff shortages and competency challenges” and was operating at less than 50% capacity.

It’s not only at the elite level of the Hawks that law enforcement is in chaos. 

The SAPS has, under the influence of relentless political interference, steadily decreased in crime-fighting efficiency, even while growing substantially in size, both in payroll and in girth of its notoriously obese officers.

Again, the statistics are dismal. In an answer to questions from DA MP Dianne Kohler Barnard in 2013, it was revealed that the police had 1 500 officers with criminal convictions, including serious offences such as murder, kidnapping and assault.”

Perhaps now you will understand why many individuals will contact professionals like King Investigators in South Africa, to assist them in gathering evidence that will bring perpetrators to justice.

There are many really hard-working police men and women, dedicated to solving murders, but with dockets that pile up on their desks daily, and working with little or no support in terms of being short on staff, they can only do so much.

Can private investigators take murder cases?

Jacques Botha is a registered private investigator, owner of King Investigators, who oversees a team of private investigators that operate on criminal and civil cases, from Benoni to Johannesburg and Cape Town.

With well over a decade’s experience in the field, along with exceptional training and investigative skills, as well as using the very latest in technology, King Investigations is well-acquainted with all that has to be done, to bring closure to families who have lost loved ones to murder.

Why hire King Investigators for murder cases?

Let’s just get the most important fact out of the way before we list why hiring King Investigators to assist you with a murder case would help, and that is the fact that, like few in their industry, Jacques and King Investigators is registered with the PSiRA.

This is the governing body that oversees and ensures that private investigators, and all those in the security industry, stick to a strict code of conduct as they carry out their investigations.

NEVER hire a PI who is not registered, it will cost you a lot more than money, in fact it could even cost you time in prison!

Why hire Jacques and his team for a murder case;

  • You will have their undivided attention on your case, which is something SAPS is unable to do due to their extreme workload
  • King Investigators will turn over every stone in their pursuit of justice for you and your family, and they do not give up easily, under any circumstances
  • It’s important to note that private investigators still have to operate within the law in order to gather evidence that will stand up in court
  • Because King Investigators are not hampered by jurisdiction, if the case takes them overseas, they can travel anywhere to follow an important lead

Contact King Investigators today to find out more about how Jacques and his team can assist you with a murder case, or any other case you need help with. 

Jacques is more than happy to offer you a free, confidential consultation that may help you to make the decision to take your case further, and he is more than willing to discuss the basics of private investigator rates as well.

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