Are Private Investigators Worth It?

Instead of asking the question ‘are private investigators worth it?’, ask yourself how valuable the truth is to you, whether in your personal or business capacity?

If getting to the truth is important to you in a civil or criminal case, or for purely personal reasons, then hiring a private investigator is most certainly worth it.

As one example, if you suspect that an employee is stealing from your company, a private investigator can help you to gather all the proof you need to take legal action against the perpetrator.

You can’t just accuse an employee of theft, whether it’s theft of company goods, fraud or company time for that matter, you need to have proof before you can do anything about it.

Are private investigators worth it?

Because of the many roles, an experienced private investigator has to play in conducting undercover surveillance safely, combing through public and court records to follow paper trails, gathering information on a cheating spouse and many other forms of investigations, a well-respected PI is definitely worth hiring.

Some PI’s specialize in only one sphere of investigations, such as those that stick to providing proof of insurance fraud, however, with an investigations company such as King Investigators, you’ll be dealing with a full-service team able to tackle any case you need help with.

For instance, if you suspect infidelity and are headed for a divorce, King Investigators not only gather evidence on the cheating spouse, they are also able to disseminate information that could lead to uncovering assets that are being hidden by the spouse in question.

Important questions to ask before you hire a private investigator:

  • Is he licensed with the PSiRA?
  • Ask about his background, such as whether he was in law enforcement prior to becoming a private investigator. This will really count in your favour, because he’ll know exactly which lines not to cross during an investigation.
  • How long has he been in business?
  • Can he provide you with testimonials?
  • Is he open and upfront about discussing the financial aspects that may be involved in the case? If he’s cagey about rates, you’d be best served by finding another investigator!
  • Can he give you examples of the type of report you can expect at the conclusion of the investigation, such as a written report along with photos and videos?
  • Does he have the experience necessary to investigate your type of case, whether personal or business-related? 
  • Has he developed an extensive network of other professionals in related industries?
  • Will he be in close contact with you during the investigation? The last thing you want during this period is to be left in the dark!

One important question to ask yourself on speaking to and/or meeting the PI:

Do you feel comfortable with him? Your sixth sense is a pretty good indication of whether or not you’re going to be comfortable about opening up about confidential issues with the investigator you’re interviewing, so trust it.

Contact King Investigators for peace of mind!

King Investigators is headed by owner Jacques Botha, a fully licensed private investigator with extensive experience, locally and internationally. 

He and his team of professionals have such an incredibly broad range of investigative experience under their collective belts, that there are few cases this team can’t tackle!

Contact Jacques today for a free confidential consultation that will give you a good indication of how comfortable you’ll be with him and his team. 

You’ll also be put completely at ease by how much King Investigators puts into working within your budget, while still delivering quality results without wasting your time or money!

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