9-5 days are a rarity for professional private investigators

Being a private investigator goes far beyond having a 9-5 job, this is a field that will impact everything time-wise, putting paid to holidays, weekends and nights in the majority of cases.

Sitting in a car for hours on end definitely eats into the time an investigator needs for doing research, which puts that much more pressure on a private investigator who’s on a time-sensitive case.

In order to deliver evidence that’s untainted, any professional private investigator has to stick to all the regulations regarding the code of conduct that governs the profession, anything less than that and you’d be out of pocket for nothing.

In the case of a private investigations firm such as King Investigators in Pretoria, owner Jacques Botha is a licenced practitioner, affiliated with PSIRA, which is the body that’s there to regulate the industry in order to protect clients and investigators.

Although King Investigators are top cheating spouse investigators in South Africa, there’s a whole back story to being a full-service company, able to tackle many types of investigations, for individuals, corporations and small to medium businesses.

Looking at the knowledge and skills necessary to be a consummate professional in this field, there has to be an absolute dedication to training and keeping up with the latest developments in order to bring any case to a successful conclusion.

No role in an investigation stays stagnant, and in the world of private investigators, ongoing training is all part of the job description.

So what does an investigator need to have under his belt in order to offer evidence that is irrefutable in a court case?

A working knowledge of the law

Although a private investigator doesn’t need a formal education to be active in the industry, a working knowledge of law, which only comes with experience, is an absolute must.

Without this knowledge and experience, going outside what is enforced by the PSIR professional code of conduct can only result in inadmissible evidence if used for a court case.

A background in law enforcement

Most private investigators come from a background in law enforcement such as SAPS, however this is not a requirement, especially in a field that is constantly evolving.

Because of these constant changes and the challenges faced by the private investigator in a broad range of services, every case is different to the next, and nothing beats learning on the job, from case to case.

The ability to offer full-service investigations

When the term ‘full-service’ is applied to the services offered by the licenced investigators at King Investigators, it means just that.

This is a team that gets down to business in every case, whether for individuals, business owners planning to invest in a company (so that they know their investment will be safe) or assisting attorneys and protecting the interests of major corporations.

As the number one cheating spouse investigators in South Africa, King Investigators are unafraid to take on any challenge, however, the one type of case this team will say no to is when a client asks for services that are illegal.

The ability to work under pressure

There are times when there’s a lull in-between cases for every private investigator, however, when an investigation gets going, enormous pressure is placed on the investigator in order to bring cases to a successful close.

The private investigator has to be able to handle surveillance, which definitely carries an element of danger, then he has to change gears to hit the desk for hours and hours, sifting through more paperwork than most of us would like to deal with, and more research than we’d imagine.

The full extent of the training, time and effort put in is seldom reflected in the final report to a client, however, these qualities are essential to the successful conclusion of a case.

Honesty and integrity

Unfortunately, as with any profession, there’ll always be shady characters waiting to pounce on innocent victims, to use the fact that those who’ve never been a private investigator as a means to lead clients around an expensive bush.

Not so with Jacques Botha and his team of professional investigators.

You’ll know from the get-go where your money is going, depending on the investigation, which is just a taste of the honesty and integrity that has earned King Investigators the number one spot they’ve held for over ten years.

If you’re determined to deal with the best private investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg, then contact King Investigators for a confidential chat that’ll make it easier to do what needs to be done for your own peace of mind, no matter what the outcome may be.

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